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About me 

Hi, I’m Stephanie, and I’m originally from Mexico, but now live in the small, beautiful rural county of Herefordshire in the UK with my husband, two daughters and a cat.

It was my girls, who have only used homeopathy their whole lives, that inspired me to become a homeopath. I couldn’t believe the amazing results these little white pills were having with my babies, whether it was for fevers, coughs and colds, or even more chronic issues and emotional problems!

When I’m not doing homeopathy, I enjoy spending time with family – whether it is traveling and exploring locally or abroad, or hanging out at home together reading or watching a good nordic crime series. Trapeze, pole and aerial arts are also a recently discovered passion, which keeps me fit, strong and sane at the same time!

Thanks for checking out my profile, and I look forward to working with you!!

My Speciality  

Perimenopause/menopause, and children’s behavioral and emotional issues.


English and Spanish

I am a member of the Homeopathy 247 Animal Coaching Team and specialise in coaching cat owners.

I am currently doing a Study on Perimenopause, click on the button below to find out more:


“I am very much better! My headache went away after one dose of both of the remedies, and I’m feeling so much better even after one dose of Arsenicum. Thank you so much for your help! My mom and sisters were so impressed as well.”

“I was surprised that I did get some sleep…it was definitely more than I expected to get without the Xanax. That in itself I would call a huge accomplishment…I had the best night of sleep I had in years!”

“You’ve really saved motherhood for me. I cannot express my gratitude.”

“Our experience with Stephanie has been absolutely wonderful from day 1. After our first appointment, we quickly received the remedies which were accompanied with a detailed letter explaining what each remedy was treating, and when to take them – it could not have been clearer and easier to follow! To our delight, the remedies started working very quickly and, whilst we had initially come to Stephanie for my son’s eczema, Stephanie also picked up on his digestive problems and sorted them in just one treatment. Following on a phone consultation, Stephanie chose to carry on the treatment for the eczema which cleared up as soon as we finished the new remedies! We could not have asked for a better experience and we are very grateful to Stephanie for all she did. Thank you very much indeed.”

“I have been working with Stephanie for about 8 weeks now, and we have seen amazing results. Myself as well as my son, have had considerable improvement with multiple different acute and chronic symptoms. Stephanie is a great listener, and really takes her time to put the puzzle pieces together. She is very knowledgeable. I look forward to consulting with her for anything else that presents!

How do I connect with a homeopath?

Click on the chat box in the bottom right hand corner.  A homeopath will be there ready to answer.

Do I need to have remedies at home?

No, not necessarily.
Your homeopath will advise according to what you currently have in your cupboard, or what you can get locally. They will also consider how quickly we can get more remedies out to you using Homeopathic Pharmacies around the world.

Does the consultation take place on the chat?

No, the homeopath will send you a link to take you to a private video/audio consulting room.  You can access this through your smart phone, tablet or a computer.   
You can choose whether to use video or audio.

What if I have already spoken to a homeopath?

If you have spoken to a homeopath on Homeopathy247 in the last 48 hours, we will try to locate that homeopath and ask them to get in touch with you.  If this is not possible, we will try to advise you until we can make contact with your original homeopath.

What if I have my own homeopath?

If you have your own homeopath and have recently taken a remedy, our homeopaths will advise you to get in touch with your own homeopath.

If you have tried but have been unsuccessful at reaching your homeopath, or if your symptoms are clearly new, acute symptoms, our team will be happy to have a consultation with you.


How do I pay for a consultation?

When you explain what is happening, the homeopath will decide whether they can help you with

An acute (15min consult is £35/$45/€40)

or if the problem has been occuring for longer than a month and you need :

A full consultation (90 min consult £130/$180/€150).

The homeopath will either take payment on a credit/debit card or will forward you a PayPal invoice.

Does the fee include remedies?

No, the homeopath will send you a prescription by email with advise on where to purchase the remedies needed.

How do I book a full consultation?

You can either:

Ask in the chat and connect with the homepath on duty
Go to our page of all of the homeopaths and select one you feel will be able to help you, you can contact them directly by clicking through to their diary or their website.


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