Peter Matu

Certified Homeopath

About Me

I am a licenced professional homeopath graduated from the renowned Slovak Academy of Classical Homeopathy in Bratislava/Slovakia, where many world famous homeopaths teach or taught, including Jan Scholten, Louis Klein, Yogesh Sehgal, Michal Yakir, Jonathan Hardy and others, the list is long. Before moving to Ireland, I was registered as a professional homeopath with the Slovak Chamber of Homeopaths.

I hold a masters degree and a first degree doctorate in Natural Sciences. Homeopathy has been for many years part of my life, my love and passion.

The charming beauty and elegance of the way in which homeopathy can restore health and well being and change people’s life captured my attention many years ago, I was attracted by homeopathy more and more. This strong affection and fascination by homeopathy has been transformed into a vocational calling and I had to become a homeopath.

I have been helping people from all around the globe, most of my clients are based in USA and other English speaking countries.

My Special Interest

I see patients with many various conditions (both physical and emotional) in my practice but I have a special interest in in respiratory diseases (Allergies, Asthma, Chronic bronchitis, COPD, viral infections etc.) and mental health isssues (Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks, Hyperactivity, Emotional problems etc.). Homeopathy can bring deep healing to those who struggle with these and many other health and emotional issues.

Languages: English, Slovak/Czech, Hungarian.

I am a member of H247 Animal Coaching Team and have experience in coaching cat, dog and farm animal owners.


Acute tonsilits

“So I just woke up and my pain is absolutely gone! Totally gone! Thank you so much for your help!”

Allergies/Food Sensitivities

“I feel 50% better after the remedy. My mood and sleep are better and I have more energy. I have more self-confidence and inner calm. Tried some dairy and had no intestinal cramping”

Allergies/Food Sensititivies

“Since the remedy her face hasn’t gone numb after eating fruit. She has cut some nectarines this morning and there was very little reaction on her fingers. No blisters no itching! So much has improved after one month’s treatment! Thank you!”

Nerve injury (after surgery)

“Homeopathy is amazing! Thank you for your help! The pain is 60% better after one dose. I had a good night sleep and the pain didn’t wake me up once!”

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