Mark Lambrick

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About Me

I am passionate about homeopathy. After so many years of practising, it still amazes me that such a minimal dose can stimulate such amazing changes. Usually without a dramatic shift but a gradual lifting of general health, energy and spirits. And what is more amazing is that it is not more widely known about! But I feel privileged to have been exposed to this fine art of healing.

My journey was more philosophical, did not involve a health crisis but more came from a search for meaning. Prompted by one of my mum’s stories. After the second world war she nursed an elderly man in London. His family had brought him home from hospital as he was dying with cancer and they could do nothing more for him. The family wanted to make him more comfortable and to die at home surrounded by his family. A nature curist was brought in to treat him and this consisted initially of small amounts of raw milk and carrot juice. When stronger he was allowed to eat more and came totally off his pain medications. He returned to his normal retired life of dressing each day and attending his club down the road. Then 6 months later he died in his sleep, free from pain and not in any discomfort.

Pretty amazing hey! I thought so as a kid and could not work out why doctors wanted to intervene so much when we were sick. Why not let the body do its work? So from my teens I stopped taking conventional medicines when sick. I did not get exposed to homeopathy until I began studying naturopathy and both were taught together. So from the age of thirty I began practising homeopathy. At the time I also worked with homeless people and was continually reminded of the inadequacy of our existing social support structures for those in need. Homeopathy was never a part of this until I started working as a youth worker.

My partner Kate is also a Homeopath and Naturopath. Ten years ago we decided to sell up everything and move to India so we could do further training in homeopathy and learn in their busy clinics. We got to witness the incredible status homeopathy has within Indian society. Every rickshaw driver seemed to have a story about a miraculous cure of a family member through homeopathy. This was such a richly rewarding two years. We moved back to Australia and took up practise again. But we were confronted by the lack of acceptance homeopathy continued to have.

Things have turned around over the past two years as people have been searching more for alternatives to the mainstream. History shows us homeopathy has this effect when epidemics arise. We have witnessed a lot more people drawn to alternative medicine and they have been amazed by the healing powers of homeopathy.

We have moved to the fringes of Melbourne where I practise and write. We have two schnoodles, Lulu and Linus, who are constant reminders to be present, to love unconditionally and enjoy the simple things in life. I bake sourdough bread and biscuits and enjoy my home life, from where I can consult online around the world. I am lucky to have a clinic I can go to and see patients face to face and this is where Kate practices as well as the wonderful Leiah Golden. I am really grateful now to be a part of an international team of homeopaths at Homeopathy247. It has also helped to balance out the hermit in me who likes to retreat and write.

My Special Interest

I have a special interest in working with teens who are struggling to find themselves in this complex world. This has been a strong interest of mine since working as a youth worker, and also from my own past struggles.


I have had a lot of health issues to overcome in the past but have managed to fix these for myself. However, after having my stomach stapled, as I was so overweight, I then had to deal with a host of digestive problems and diverticulitis. For three or four days a week I could not go to work as I was in so much pain with diarrhoea and cramping. I struggled with lethargy and sleep as my iron was low. It got so low my doctor wanted me to go to hospital and have a blood transfusion. But I would have had to get the jab to go there which I didn’t want. So I chose to see Mark instead and give homeopathic treatment a try. This was late last year and to my amazement within a month these problems were gone and my energy and sleeping had returned to normal. My recent blood test showed my iron levels were perfect and I did not need any iron supplementation! Thanks Mark for helping me turn this problem around and stop resorting to medications.

S from Melbourne, 2022

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