Lyssa Clayton

Registered and Experienced

About Me

I live in Scotland, along the east coast from Edinburgh. I see clients from the UK and around the world online, and also offer some face to face consultations in Edinburgh.

My first experience with Homeopathy was at age 17. My mother took me …. probably dragged me …. along to see a Dr Burns in Manchester. During a bumpy transition to University Homeopathy again turned my health around. I’m eternally grateful for that introduction to a different way of looking after myself.

With no idea what homeopathy was, I got better. Many years later I saw a homeopath when I had terrible migraine headaches, and again for severe morning sickness. I went along to an Homeopathy evening class 36 years ago and fell in love with the remedies, philosophy and ideas. It made sense to me immediately and I’m still fascinated.

For my family and three children homeopathy was invaluable during pregnancy, though their baby and childhood years to teenage and adult life. We had a lovely, very experienced and knowledgeable Doctor, and I’ve always had a Homeopath to consult with for myself and my family. Homeopathy is exciting. It has the potential to enhance our health both in acute situations and for deeper, long term wellbeing.

Homeopathy Training and Diploma

It’s so interesting how we find the way to find what it is we love and have to do. In my 4th year at University, studying Medieval History, I took a special subject called Popular and Professional Medicine in Medieval Times. I discovered the world of different ways of healing, philosophy and medicine. In a way that sowed more of the seeds that lead me to Homeopathy and holistic health.

For several years I was involved in childbirth education, pregnancy and breastfeeding support. Then I realised I had to go deeper into Homeopathy and learn more.

I studied for Homeopathy at college for 4 years from 1994 – 1998 in Edinburgh for a Diploma and Licentiate in Homeopathy. That was just the beginning.

Since then I’ve continued learning. I attend a wide range of Continuing Professional Development seminars, courses and Masterclasses. Personal study and regular professional and peer supervision support my practice.

And I learn every day from my clients.

Things I enjoy

  • Exploring and learning more about homeopathy and philosophy every day.
  • I love singing and voice work …..Shape note, Georgian, African, new songs by contemporary musicians, close harmony, Gospel and more.
  • Dancing, of course.
  • Pilates, a recent discovery for me and I have a class scheduled in every week.
  • Learning to grow more food – using homeopathy in my gardening efforts.
  • Spending time with my feisty grandchildren, family and good friends.
  • Getting along to as many good plays, films and great music as possible is vital soul food.
  • Walking along the river and to the sea near my home.
  • Travel and finding new places, to experience the world in all its glory, beauty and craziness.

Society of Homeopaths

I am a Registered Member of the Society of Homeopaths.

My Special Interest

I have special interest in Auto-immune conditions and Pregnancy/Postnatal Year .


“I have always found Lyssa professional, approachable and down to earth. She is a very experienced and dedicated Homeopath and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a caring, informative and holistic approach to their health.”

“For twenty years I was unable to walk uphill without pain and shortness of breath. I also could not sleep on my left or my right-hand side. I felt severely restricted. No ends of heart scans had revealed anything. (After a remedy ) I experienced an energetic release which, from that day onwards, has let me walk to the top of mountains, and sleep any way I wish. It took all of two months from the start of Lyssa’s treatment to this wonderful release which gave me a new lease of life. “

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