Lucie Groves

Licensed Classical Homeopath

About Me

I am Lucie Groves,

A professional licenced homeopath. I grew up in Czech Republic and after leaving school I worked and travelled in many countries worldwide. I was living in Switzerland when I first encountered Homeopathy.

This was where I met my husband and then settled with him in West Wales a few years later. I qualified at the Welsh School of Homeopathy in June this year, after 4 years of training, graduating not long after reaching the age of 36.

I have always had an interest in natural and non-toxic ways of healing my ailments.

Whilst and since qualifying I have had great success in treating various alignments which gave me the inspiration to start up a practice in West Wales where I live.

I am an active person and love going out for a run or surf. Where I live, in South West Wales, we also have plenty of awesome climbing routes on top of the cliffs and an ideal scenery for Coasteering (when I fancy some adrenalin rush!). For me, being active and in the outdoors goes hand in hand with a holistic lifestyle, as well as balanced diet filled with quality organic foods and the occasional glass of good wine.

I do, however enjoy the long winter nights at home, curled up in front of our log burner with a good book or an interesting documentary or a movie.

My passion for using wholesome and gentle approach to my health and lifestyle has led me to want to help others to fulfil their own potential. I believe that our society should have the choice in how we manage our own health and that as much as the conventional medicine can be life-saving, it cannot (and does not) cure every condition.

This is where alternative therapies, such as homeopathy, can be very effective because not only they strengthen the immune system, but can also work alongside any other treatment, offering the patient the best out of both worlds. 

I love the subtle ways homeopathy works on different levels increasing quality of life in many ways.

My Special Interest

I specialize in diabetes and thyroid function.


“I discovered homeopathy during my second pregnancy whilst trying to find a more natural way to alleviate the side effects of pregnancy (constipation). I found a homeopath who prescribed me a remedy and within 24hours my problem had resolved and didn’t return. Following the birth of my big baby I was prescribed remedies to aid healing. I was blown away how quickly I healed in comparison to my first birth. I started my homeopathic journey with an open mind and no expectations. How quickly my body healed was sufficient evidence to me that homeopathy works and consequently ordered the basic homeopathy kits and signed up to a day course on how to use homeopathy at home. I now find I am trusting my instincts more and using my kits instead of reaching for the paracetamol/calpol each time there is a fever or sniffle in the house.”

“I have had an allergic reaction to neoprene (wetsuit) for around the last 15 years. I have tried all sorts of creams to mitigate it but nothing seemed to work effectively.

While on a ski holiday about 3 years ago, a lady at the dinner table noticed I was continuously scratching my skin. She said she was a homeopathic practitioner and asked me all about my problem. She said she was confident that she could sort it out…. However she lived in Essex and suggested I should find a homeopath when I got home. I sought out a local practitioner and received some remedies.

These had no effect whatsoever; I received a different treatment once I had given feedback on the first but again these had no effect. A bit later on in the same year, I discovered that a friend from surfing (Lucie) was studying to be a homeopathic practitioner and explained my ailment and my failure the first time. She said she would consult with her course supervisor and see if she could help. I started on some remedies and there was an almost immediate amelioration of the condition.

However, the relief was relatively short lived, returning after a few weeks of completing the treatment. I received a different remedy and exactly the same occurred… since then I have had a couple of further treatments, each with an improved and longer lasting effect. Currently, after the last treatment around 3 months ago, I have just a couple of small patches still demonstrating skin itching/irritation. It is the best it has ever been. I am extremely happy with the outcome compared to my condition some 3 years ago and would like to thank Lucie for her patience and persistence in pursuing a positive outcome for me.”


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