Liz McKenzie


About Me

I completed my nursing training 35 years ago and soon became discontent with the limitations of conventional medicine, and I knew that there had to be other ways of healing. I wanted to get to the why or the root cause of illness and disease.

I was introduced to homeopathy and many other healing modalities about 25 years ago while working for a naturopath. I choose homeopathy for its holistic approach, how amazing that it can heal in so many ways even altering a person’s life choices, always for a better way.

I felt very lucky to enrol in a four-year Diploma of homeopathy course, studying that which I am passionate about and totally immersed myself in it. I was in my element learning about all the wonderful properties and amazing healing potential of so many remedies.

I have seen homeopathy work beautifully with great depth and sometimes seemingly miraculous results. An example of this is when, I came across a man who had slipped over on the ice he was lying on his back and his body was twitching! Following two doses of arnica this man came to and started talking. He was then able to be helped up and taken for observation by the first aid team.

I always have my arnica when I go to the mountains.

Homeopathy stopped my son’s chronic cough that went on and on, which we thought was going to drive us all mad!

I have four beautiful, strong children, two Aussis and two kiwis, with only one still at school. Homeopathy has been used throughout my pregnancies and with my family for many physical and emotional ailments. I appreciated it the most when my child went from screaming in the middle of the night in pain, to falling asleep beside me, without a trip to the emergency department!

I live in NZ but I have travelled around the world, working in interesting places such as Saudi and Switzerland. It wasn’t until I left NZ that I realised how isolated we are and that there was a whole world out there with many different cultures and a whole lot of history. Some people I met hadn’t even heard of New Zealand! We spent 12 years in Australia and during this time we got to join the grey nomads travelling the country with our four children, we all got a great education seeing this vast and varied country with so much different wildlife and landscapes.

When I’m not involved in homeopathy, I love being outside in the garden (homeopathy even gets used here) soaking up the sun or walking my dog or year-round ocean swimming. The bush is a grounding therapeutic environment for me, as is my yoga practice.

Everything is close by here in this little country and in the winter, we hit the slopes.

My Special Interest

I have always been fascinated by the human body and structure with a natural curiosity of wounds and wound healing with a strong desire to heal that which is presented to me. Most of the day working as a nurse in the community was spent caring for wounds that sadly, many people die with.

Wounds that last longer than six weeks are said to be chronic, the healing process comes to a halt and there are a multitude of reasons for this. With homeopathy the healing of these wounds is quicker, with less scarring and is more permanent, without the side effects of suppressive creams and treatment that weaken the vitality. Furthermore, when dealing with chronic or reoccurring wounds the whole person is treated and the results can be life changing.

I would be happy to consult with you for any issues, especially wounds, whether, it be a minor cut or burn through to chronic non healing wounds.

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