Lesley Jeffreys

Licensed Classical Homeopath

About Me

Hello, my name is Lesley, thank you for visiting my profile.

I am a fully trained classical homeopath living and working in the mountains of West Wales.

I have had a passionate interest in homeopathy most of my adult life and have been using it for 35 years with great success. I came across homeopathy in 1985 when my first born was a baby, I wanted to find a natural and safe way to heal her delicate body after she had a nasty reaction to conventional medicine. When I started reading about the principles of homeopathy’s unique way of healing, I totally got it – of course we should be treated individually, we all react in different ways to different situations! This made total sense to me, I was hooked.

I have also trained in detoxing using homeopathy and this is still something that I use often in my practice.

In the last few years, I have especially loved working with mums-to-be during their pregnancy, labour and post-natal period. I also have a special interest in working with babies and children who take so well to homeopathic remedies.

I feel very honoured to be working on the Homeopathy 247 team of homeopaths from around the world bringing you care 24/7.
I really look forward to meeting and working with you on your journey toward good health. I work via Zoom, Skype and Facebook Messenger, so distance is no object.

My Special Interest

I see a wide range of people in my practice with all sorts of physical/emotional problems.

I love to work with mums-to-be during their pregnancy and labour and follow through into the post-natal period.

I attend births locally and have been on call and attended births via video link too.

Babies and children and all family health.

I also specialize in homeopathic detox.


Helpful, friendly and understanding.

I had started with a cough and sore throat. I scared myself with the Covid-19 so thought I would be best getting some help to prescribe homeopathy to myself.

Lesley helped me find the right remedy and doses. Felt perfectly fine the next day after a good night sleep and the homeopathy remedies.

I would highly recommend the Homeopathy 247 to anyone that’s got any health issues. Or worried about anything.

Thank you again Lesley.


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