Josephene Bongiorno

Classical Homeopath

About Me

Hi, l’m Josephene; l am a qualified professional homeopath. For most of the year l am found in a rare koala corridor pocket on the Far North Coast of N.S.W., Australia. I just love this beautiful part of the world with its subtropical climate and its unique wildlife. There are many roads to explore, especially whilst cycling, which is something I love to do.

I first came to Homeopathy through experiencing my own health crisis after a childhood accident with hot water. Although my physical body recovered, a burning sensation was always present and always surfaced with each subsequent illness. My homeopath believed that, although the event happened many years earlier, my body had retained the memory of it. Her prescription was Apis Mellifica (honey bee). After a few doses of the remedy the burning sensation l had felt for years disappeared. l realised, not only how homeopathy was a miracle but also how my homeopath had chosen well. The significance of timing in applications of healing provided the cure in my life’s journey.

I have been extremely fortunate to have trained with many Masters of Homeopathy, including Dr Isaac Golden from the Australasian College of Hahnemannian Homeopathy. I also trained at one of the original natural medicine colleges in Melbourne, and at the Endeavour College of Natural Health in Sydney. Alongside classical foundations, l incorporate drainage medicine with the use of bio cell salts. I have also studied other therapeutic medicines.

As a Practitioner, depending on what illness is present and what subjective symptoms manifest, l look for treatment that will cause the least discomfort to my patients during their health journey.
Life as a homeopath has generated much thought, compassion, and curiosity, especially when opportunities arrive to assist people to address their health in a holistic way. It often seems that earlier treatments didn’t address the person, only the illness. I currently support both local and International patients.

I believe the best way to educate people about health is to keep it simple. Homeopathic medicines are a true example of this. The basic guiding principles are intelligent and logical. They are designed to make a return to health natural and easy. I am passionate about health; l love being down to earth and real with people. I consider myself to be always learning and always personal, and I also offer additional intuitive healing techniques.

My Special Interest

My area of special interest is treating people who have a history of traumatic and abuse events.


I have been a patient for Dr. Josephene for 2 years.

In that period of time Dr. Josephene has assisted me greatly through her intricate knowledge of Homeopathy and the Human Psyche while also being very spiritually atuned. Her caring and personal style brings a level of independent clientele with Homeopathy and as my first experience with the field has encouraged me to teach my body to heal itself.

Mufti Saeed Bulhain

I was suffering from eczema and i wasn’t getting any positive results from local gp nor skin specialists so i turned to homoeopathy and got in contact with Josephene, and through her knowledge and expertise we made alot of progress in a short time, not only is she very knowledgeable in homoeopathy but she’s also very kind and makes her patients feel welcomed and very easy to speak to and open up and explain in great detail about the sickness, i would highly recommend her services

Afif Khan

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