Georgina Wolf

Licensed Classical Homeopath

About Me

Hi, my name is Georgina Wolf. I am an experienced Professional Homeopath of 20 plus years.

I originally found Homeopathy in 1995 whilst practicing as a psychiatric nurse. I knew my purpose was to support others but felt the psychiatric world was and still is a touch draconian.

After taking a year out to complete a foundation in Homeopathy I decided I needed my own Homeopath to test the waters. At the time I was well aware I had a few ‘symptoms’ on all spheres of my being, including mental health and an infertile history, however, I had little idea of the magnitude and level to which my Homeopath would go on to treat me.

Why was she asking me if I preferred the sea to the hills? Everyone has a fear of heights, well almost, but what difference does it mean if my vertigo is worse after looking into a mirror?

My hands are not clammy and they do not smell sour! And, yes I do love salt, did I say I loved salt? And so, after my first remedy brought me to a total stand still, whereby I needed almost instant sleep I quickly realised the power of the infinitesimal dose of one homeopathic pill! I slept, boy did I sleep. Naturally I was grateful for this, insomnia being one of my initial symptoms. I decided I had nothing to lose and only everything to gain.

Needless to say, my partner and I found ourselves pregnant! It’s a miracle we thought. Maybe it was, a homeopathic miracle. The rest as they say is History.

For twenty plus years Homeopathy continues to be a seeming miraculous cure. Of course we all know it isn’t, Homeopathy is based on fundamental and natural laws of the world.

Naturally once I realised the power of Homeopathy my family, friends and animals got it too!

I am delighted to be able to consult online, I will provide you an acute or chronic consultation via video or telephone call.

My Special Interest

All aspects of mental health for adults and children. From behaviour issues to organic diagnosis.

Having spent my life surrounded by animals including many dogs and horses I can happily say animals too feel the benefit of a good Homeopathic Consultation


Being brought up on an equine rescue farm my other passion is horses. I’ve owned, loaned, borrowed and trained countless horses in my time. Far too many to remember. Horses respond extremely well to Homeopathy both constitutionally and acutely. And let’s face it, not only are our horses, ponies, donkey’s and mules forever getting themselves involved in accidents, we are too! This is where your Homeopathic first aid kit and my coaching comes into its own. Follow me and my team on Horses and Homeopathy. We are here to help, educate and coach you with selecting the correct remedy for your horses. Find us on Facebook Horses and Homeopathy, contact us on Homeopathy247 or directly via my website


I have suffered from chronic eczema for over 30 years, I have tried most of the creams available from the doctors but with no avail until I met Georgina. 

Georgina gave me a very in depth consultation regarding my problems and treated me accordingly. Wow, what a difference, I feel great, not only my hands but I’m back to being relaxed able to sleep and I’m feeling great . I cant recommend this lady enough she has been not only a fantastic person but an amazing consultant who is there every step of the way.”


“I have had a wonderful experience with Georgina Wolf thus far. I was seeking help for our family dog, Nicodemus, who has had a chronic cough collapsed trachea for a few years. After our first appointment, I’m seeing some very promising results already, and some of his more significant discomforts are being alleviated. I appreciate Georgina’s attention to detail in taking a case for an animal, and her insights in prescribing. It has been encouraging to see our family pet not be in as much pain just after his first prescription!”


“My horse suffers from Sweet Itch, Georgina came to see Simba and myself 3 weeks ago, I needed help to work out which remedy was suitable for Blue as I was so worried. After a very thorough and personal coaching session we decided upon a few remedies and some topical cream to ease his itching whilst treating him from the inside. Blue is so much happier, his skin is healing, he is less irritable and I can already see a massive difference. Looking forward to our next coaching session. Thank you Georgina.”


“I would like to express my extreme gratitude for Georgie!  Although my son has not been diagosed with ADHD yet however has all the signs amongst other issues such as fluency dyslexia, dysgraphia, speech issues (expressive and receptive language delay)

I originally reached out to Georgina to possibly find some help with our son as I was extremely concerned with some behaviors and health concerns  (extreme anger, milestone delay, anxiety and food allergies).  I could tell when Georgie reached out to answer my request that she was the right fit for Miles.  Such a warm soul who was keenly interested in helping Miles reach his full potential as well as a soothing balm that could help Momma relieve her worries regarding her son!

Upon the intake meeting there was a connection.  She mentioned that we should probably cut dairy as a part of Miles diet modifications.  I had no idea that dairy was part of the problem…..once dairy was out of his system we saw a noticeable change.

The speech therapist that works with Miles was on a 2 week break and she could note changes in not seeing him  while the remedies were working their magic!

I continue to tell Georgie that Homeopathy is like peeling back the layers of an onion….Miles continues to make strides with anger…(much reduced frequency….bomb has been defused) and definitely matured the past 6 months while working with Georgie.  Miles has always been been an old soul in a young body and now his body is catching up with soul!

Cant thank you enough for helping our family we are extremely grateful!”


Hello! This may be a bit of a long post but completely worth it. I have been having anxiety without knowing what anxiety was since I was very young. I have had a lot of emotional and mental trauma from my father since the age of 5. I am now 36. In my 20’s I married a man very similar to my father and suffered with emotional mental and physical abuse for nearly 8 years- and have gone on in my life carrying this stress and anxiety.

I have been through many stressful events and along with them came a few medical conditions caused by the stress I was carrying. My anxiety only worsened over the years to the point I could not be left alone. A heaviness in my chest, immense sadness, heart palpitations, anxiety attacks, depression. The chest heaviness is something that would never leave and no matter how many therapists I have seen over the years nothing was helping me shake it off.

I came across a post from Georgina regarding anxiety and thought- well I may as well try as I have nothing left to try. I only have had 2 appointments with her and my anxiety I had been carrying my entire life has completely gone. Words cannot express my gratitude to her for being so accurate in prescribing a remedy.

HK Matharu 17/08/21


“My family and I reached our to Georgie on the Ask Homeopathy 24/7 platform as we were all getting sick. As a parent of young children, with them being sick together for the first time, my anxiety was through the roof for me before reaching out. Georgie’s reassuring presence helped ease those fears. She generously made herself available for us to reach out when symptoms changed, and would select the appropriate remedy to assist our bodies in negotiating whatever we were dealing with. The relief of having someone so knowledgeable and personable in your corner was in itself enough to make this a much easier experience. Thank you Georgie again so much for your help!”

Georgina is fantastic! I booked a call with her when my daughter had a lingering cold virus and the first remedy Georgina prescribed worked quickly and completely. We were so impressed and pleased! Then I caught a touch of the virus and Georgina walked me through it, prescribing two remedies at different stages. I never fully got sick and recovered quite quickly. Georgina is an amazing homeopath. Not only does she have a talent for prescribing the correct remedy, but she’s also kind, compassionate, and quick to respond. I highly recommend her!

Mrs E Bragdon 25/10/21

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