Donna Sadzius

Classical Homeopath

About Me

I have been offering health and healing the natural way for the past 25 years. I live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. I practice individualised clas-sical Homeopathic medicine, to support and guide you to achieving a healthy, happy lifestyle. I work with people around the world by video call and take group coaching sessions in weight-loss, and for pregnancy and childbirth.

I am fortunate to be the mother of eight children! So healing childhood issues has been a major part of my practice. I gave birth to my twins just 2 months before I graduated as a Homeopath in June 2001. I was straight into practice as they both had eczema at age 3 months and homeopathy removed this tendency. Later on they de-veloped asthma which was also healed successfully with homeopathy. This compre-hensive first-hand training enabled me to be very good at helping others suffering with eczema and asthma. So of course most of my practice was based around pregnancy and children, helping issues such as asthma, croup, bronchiolitis, bronchitis, pneumonia and all the usual childhood complaints. The main focus has been to help each child to feel their very best within themselves mentally, emotionally and physically.

Over the years I have developed a steady practice helping people get out of pain. Pain is a terrible thing to live with and can decrease your quality of life and cause de-pression. So I discover the cause of the pain first, and then match all the signs and symptoms to a homeopathic medicine or two and then bring about relief as quickly as possible. The most important aspect is to restore balance and feel pain-free!

If you are suffering with an extra body bulge carried over from pregnancy or it has come on from menopause, I am supporting women with an amazing weight loss pro-gram that is homeopathic and healthy. If this is something you would like to learn more about, book in for a 15-minute free chat, and we can see if this will be suitable for you.

I also offer coaching to help you learn how to use homeopathy to self-treat your dogs so you are empowered to help your fur babies when they need it. I do offer consults to use homeopathy to treat all your dogs health issues if the complaint is more complex. We can do this in the same way as a normal human consultation would work.
Recently, I have studied at the Shaad Homoeopathic Hospital in Nagpur, India for post-graduate training in the hospital and the out-patient clinic. It was certainly a busy time and an amazing homoeopathic learning experience.

Previously, over the last 10 years I have been part of a team of homeopaths working together and teaching student homeopaths to take acute consultations at an annual event called the Woodfood Folk Festival. Consulting for all sorts of acute complaints such as sprains, insect bites, hay fever, food poisoning, stress and emotional issues etc. A very rewarding and fun experience!

Qualifications: Advanced Diploma in Health Science (Homoeopathy) | Diploma of Bowen Therapy

My Special Interest

Eczema | Asthma


Knee pain | Osteoporosis

After leading a very active life and now in my late 80’s, I have discovered my knee cartilage has all but disappeared. I had been suffering with excruciating knee pain preventing me from my daily walks until I saw Donna for Homeopathic treatment. After just 1 dose of medicine I am back to my daily walks – Amazing Result!

Bernard – Noosaville

Neck pain | Osteoporosis

From feeling extremely unwell and anxious, Donnas’ knowledge and natural gifts have improved my health and wellbeing, while surpassing all my expectations. No-one else could remove the constant pain I had in my neck. I saw Donna for sudden onset back pain, and a few days later I realised my chronic neck pain had disappeared. I don’t understand how, but I understand the result – you are a miracle worker, thanks Donna!

Deirdre – Woombye

Back pain | Migraine | Asthma

Donna is amazing! My monthly migraines have been fixed and so has my chronic neck and back pain. My daughter had recurring croup and asthma and homeopathy has completely healed this. We both now take our individual medicines to keep us balanced.

Sam – Maroochydore

Help for the whole family & the pets!

My family of four and I have benefited over many years from the amazing Donna. Her intuitive practice and years of experience and knowledge has healed many aches, pains and general issues that have come up from time to time. She has even helped our dog with arthritis and our horse with anxiety!

Robby – Palmwoods

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