Brenda Plascencia

Certified Classical Homeopath

About Me

I was born in Mexico and I live in Texas, USA where I have worked as a professional homeopath since 2012. I obtained my 4 year degree as a Licensed Homeopath in Mexico, then I came to live in the USA and obtained the Certification as Classical Homeopath from the Council for Homeopathic Certification. I am a Certified CEASE Therapist and member of The North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH).

My passion for homeopathy started when my first son was born. My mom gave me a book about how to use Homeopathy at home, so I started to learn the basics. It was so helpful to have homeopathy as a tool to treat the common health issues of my family.

When my third son was born, he started to have a recurrent croup condition, which I was not able to resolve by myself. My homeopathic knowledge was very basic, so I was not able to handle the situation, and sometimes it was hard to find a professional homeopath to help me because the croup crisis used to appear at night or during the weekends. So one time we ended at the ER with my son having a very bad croup flare up, where it was so hard for him to breathe. I felt so bad to see him in an emergency room, receiving medicines that I was not familiar with, and that I knew were just not good for his little body. Specially because I knew that homeopathic remedies were able to help him in his previous flare ups.

That day I decided to learn homeopathy in a deeper way.

Homeopathy in Mexico is a fully recognized four year degree profession. So, I started school again!

At my first classes I became so passionate about this marvelous method of treatment that I decided that I wanted to do it, not just for my family, but to dedicate my life to helping other people to restore their health in the way that Samuel Hahnemann, the father of Homeopathy stated: “RAPID, GENTLE AND PERMANENT”.

Homeopathy has given me the most fantastic gifts: being able to help people to recover their health and teaching them a more natural way of treating themselves and their families. I will love to become part of your journey and help you to restore your health, getting back into balance your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical state, and able to live your life at your fullest capacity.

My Special Interest

I have special interests in asthma & seasonal allergies, and in autism.


My son is 11 years old, and he was administered vaccines against allergies between the age of 7 and 10, without noticing any improvement in his condition. At the age of 10, he was diagnosed with ADHD, and I refused to give him any allopathic medications.

I was lucky to meet Brenda Plascencia. We started a holistic treatment for Billy 10 months ago, and the results have proved fantastic. Not only has he recovered greatly from his allergic condition, but he has also stopped sweating during the night and having nightmares which were causing his ADHD anxiety fits.

He now sleeps better; he is a calmer child, and he has improved his school performances a lot. And all of this, thanks to the homeopathic remedies. Thank you Brenda!

My 3 year old-son had been frequently suffering from ear infections. He hardly had ended an antibiotics round when he had to start another one. As a result, he was losing appetite, and I could see him getting thinner and thinner. Then his pediatrician suggested to put some small tubes in his ears to improve his condition. Before having my child undergo the surgery, I decided to try homeopathy… Although the treatment lasted several months, it was impressive to see how we managed to get rid of the antibiotics from the very beginning. He was getting ill less frequently and when he did, it was mild and managed only with homeopathic remedies. Thanks to Homeopathy, he not only avoided surgery, but he is a much healthier boy now.

My son, who has autism, was 4 years old when we started homeopathic treatment; at that time, he could not make a sound on command. We had been working for years on this with no success. We started Homeopathy with Brenda, and after 6 weeks my son was able to copy a sound we had said. Flash forward to today, and our son is able to copy and say just about any word he wants. He is so much calmer, and makes eye contact as well. None of these things would have been possible without Brenda’s help!

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