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About me 

Hello, I am Anjum and I have been a practising homeopath for over 20 years. I am a registered and licensed homeopath in the UK. I live in Scotland, did my training in Edinburgh, and have been in practice since the year 2000 in Dundee, Edinburgh and St Andrews. More recently, I have been practising online. My goal is to help people maximise their health and general wellbeing and to provide a way of achieving sustainable health. I welcome people from all backgrounds and am proud to have an inclusive practice.

My personal health concerns brought me to homeopathy, and once I had my children, I wanted to know more and more about homeopathy. Whatever I learned whetted my appetite to deepen my understanding and that urge has never dimmed. I find the holistic nature of homeopathy endlessly fascinating, and the magic of the healing it can bring is deeply satisfying. I work with my clients to build trust, and I offer a safe space for being heard and sharing at whatever level feels comfortable.

Homeopathy can be used by anyone of any age, irrespective of any medical labels given to them. I have worked with people of all ages with a wide range of issues, symptoms and conditions. I have a special interest in helping those with anxiety issues.

My professional development is ongoing; I have never stopped learning and have studied with many teachers at post graduate level to broaden my knowledge and prescribing methods. I like to use the Sensation method when possible to enable healing at the deepest level.

I am passionate about life, and my interests are wide ranging from yoga and dancing to reading, watching TV and spending time with family and friends. I live close to nature and need the natural world to sustain hope and positivity in times when those are in short supply. Good health is a gift, and I feel privileged to be able to help people on their homeopathic journey towards a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life.

My Speciality

I have special interest in Anxiety.

Languages:    English, Urdu/Hindi



“Her work is deeply caring, she truly considers every possible aspect of human nature and life circumstances that affect my body, my full self, and with great consideration, chooses the remedy. Each and every time, the remedy helped, not just with fixing a practical issue but, as well, strengthening my inner resolve, my connection with the whole me, my constitution.”

“This may seem too good to be true but I cannot recommend Anjum enough – she has made a tremendous difference to my health and general well-being and I can never thank her enough for all her help and patience.”


“In Anjum’s quest to hone in on the right remedy, I came to know what was really the matter, and that the remedy went on to effect on a most profound level – beyond mere cognitive understanding.”

How do I connect with a homeopath?

Click on the chat box in the bottom right hand corner.  A homeopath will be there ready to answer.

Do I need to have remedies at home?

No, not necessarily.
Your homeopath will advise according to what you currently have in your cupboard, or what you can get locally. They will also consider how quickly we can get more remedies out to you using Homeopathic Pharmacies around the world.

Does the consultation take place on the chat?

No, the homeopath will send you a link to take you to a private video/audio consulting room.  You can access this through your smart phone, tablet or a computer.   
You can choose whether to use video or audio.

What if I have already spoken to a homeopath?

If you have spoken to a homeopath on Homeopathy247 in the last 48 hours, we will try to locate that homeopath and ask them to get in touch with you.  If this is not possible, we will try to advise you until we can make contact with your original homeopath.

What if I have my own homeopath?

If you have your own homeopath and have recently taken a remedy, our homeopaths will advise you to get in touch with your own homeopath.

If you have tried but have been unsuccessful at reaching your homeopath, or if your symptoms are clearly new, acute symptoms, our team will be happy to have a consultation with you.


How do I pay for a consultation?

When you explain what is happening, the homeopath will decide whether they can help you with

An acute (15min consult is £35/$45/€40)

or if the problem has been occuring for longer than a month and you need :

A full consultation (90 min consult £130/$180/€150).

The homeopath will either take payment on a credit/debit card or will forward you a PayPal invoice.

Does the fee include remedies?

No, the homeopath will send you a prescription by email with advise on where to purchase the remedies needed.

How do I book a full consultation?

You can either:

Ask in the chat and connect with the homepath on duty
Go to our page of all of the homeopaths and select one you feel will be able to help you, you can contact them directly by clicking through to their diary or their website.


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