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Hi my name is Elsbeth and I am a mother of two awesome grown up children, happily married to an Englishman, a servant to three cats and a lifelong user of Homeopathy. I was brought up in Germany on a farm with a big garden and lots of animals. We used herbal medicine in the form of teas and compresses whenever we were ill. Homeopathy was always part of my life as it was used by our local doctors as a complementary medicine alongside their normal treatment.

Upon having my own family, I also treated us with natural remedies such as herbs and plant medicines but especially with homeopathy. I became really convinced by homeopathy when our first born was crying all the time due to colic. We hardly had any sleep but with the help of a Homeopath she then transformed into an incredibly calm and well-balanced baby.

I was intrigued to say the least and started to get increasingly interested in this gentle healing method. Since then I am continuously in awe of the results homeopathy can achieve. It is truly amazing. I discovered that a well-chosen remedy sometimes works like a “little miracle”. It is a pleasure to see the transformation in my patients as homeopathy not only works on a physical and mental level but on their emotional well-being, too.

I am a qualified homeopath having gained my licentiate from the South Downs School of Homeopathy and are also a fully registered and insured member of Homeopathy International.

More recently I have taken some interest in homeopathic detoxing (HDT) a method taught by Ton Jansen. It focuses on external factors (such as harmful substances) which can have different effects on each individual and can lead to health problems.



“Elsbeth is a genuinely warm and empathetic individual. She seems to instinctively understand the problems I have had with both my physical and mental health, and has found amazing remedies and solutions. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Liz, Epsom UK

“My daughter (12) had been experiencing extreme fatigue and muscle soreness as well as a general malaise that was unusual for her and it was showing no signs of letting up.

Elsbeth was able to offer us an immediate Skype consultation. She was very professional but also warm and caring. The correct remedy arrived in the post the next day, and Elsbeth was in regular contact to offer ongoing support and guidance until my daughter was well again. Would highly recommend her!”


I have a special interest in urinary conditions and in particular kidney and bladder stones, recurring UTIs or cystitis and bedwetting.

Our organs influence our emotions. Excessive fearful thoughts and/or anxiety will cause an imbalance in the kidney region. It is not really important to identify which came first, the thought or the imbalance, but to simply recognise the interconnected nature of our mind-body-spirit triad.

Homeopathy addresses this balance beautifully and therefore can help reducing kidney stones and other kidney related problems.

I am a member of the Homeopathy 247 animal coaching team and specialise in coaching cat owners.

I am currently doing a Study on Urinary System Disorders. Click on the button below to find out more:

My Website

Languages: English and German

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect with a homeopath?

Click on the chat box in the bottom right hand corner.  A homeopath will be there ready to answer.

Do I need to have remedies at home?

No, not necessarily.
Your homeopath will advise according to what you currently have in your cupboard, or what you can get locally. They will also consider how quickly we can get more remedies out to you using Homeopathic Pharmacies around the world.

Does the consultation take place on the chat?

No, the homeopath will send you a link to take you to a private video/audio consulting room.  You can access this through your smart phone, tablet or a computer.   
You can choose whether to use video or audio.

What if I have already spoken to a homeopath?

If you have spoken to a homeopath on Homeopathy247 in the last 48 hours, we will try to locate that homeopath and ask them to get in touch with you.  If this is not possible, we will try to advise you until we can make contact with your original homeopath.

What if I have my own homeopath?

If you have your own homeopath and have recently taken a remedy, our homeopaths will advise you to get in touch with your own homeopath.

If you have tried but have been unsuccessful at reaching your homeopath, or if your symptoms are clearly new, acute symptoms, our team will be happy to have a consultation with you.


How do I pay for a consultation?

When you explain what is happening, the homeopath will decide whether they can help you with

An acute (15min consult is £35/$45/€40)

or if the problem has been occuring for longer than a month and you need :

A full consultation (90 min consult £130/$180/€150).

The homeopath will either take payment on a credit/debit card or will forward you a PayPal invoice.

Does the fee include remedies?

No, the homeopath will send you a prescription by email with advise on where to purchase the remedies needed.

How do I book a full consultation?

You can either:

Ask in the chat and connect with the homepath on duty
Go to our page of all of the homeopaths and select one you feel will be able to help you, you can contact them directly by clicking through to their diary or their website.


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