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Our Homeopaths

Mary Greensmith

A licenced Classical homeopath living in Greece, I have a special interest in building confidence and lung health.

Dr. Varsha M Khurana

A licenced Classical homeopath based in Delhi, India, specialising in Pediatric practice and Spinal issues. Speaks English, Hindi & Punjabi.

Lesley Jeffreys

A licenced Classical homeopath who loves working with pregnant mums/babies and homeopathic detox.

Sapna Matharu

A licenced Classical homeopath based in London, specialising in Pregnancy, birth and after birth. 

Deirdre McDermott

A licenced Classical Homeopath based in Ireland specialising in perimenopause/menopause and sleep issues (insomnia). Bespoke & Individualised Healthcare.

Dr Indranil Sen

A qualified homeopathic doctor based in the UK, specialising in heart problems and men’s health.

Shelly Garrison

A certified Classical homeopath based in California, specializing in shingles and homeoprophylaxis for infectious disease.

Amal Mamoun

A licensed homeopath based in Berkshire UK, trained in both Classical & Practical homeopathy, offering individualised treatment to family’s world wide.

Roger Savage

A licenced mostly Classical homeopath living near Cambridge in the UK, specialising in headaches and allergies.

Elaine Timmer

A licensed Homeopath living in Sydney (Australia) with a special interest in Anxiety and Menstrual issues.

Barb Wallace

A licenced, classical homeopath living in Western Canada specializing in Arthritis and Anxiety.

Adryanna Serrano

A licensed Classical and Practical Homeopath based in the UK with special interest in hormonal imbalance and anxiety. Speaks English and Spanish.

Mary Harper

A licensed Homeopath with 15 years of practice. Based in the UK, working online worldwide. Trained in Classical & Practical homeopathy with Functional Medicine. Specializing in Children’s Learning and Behaviour Issues and Digestive (Gut) disorders.

Helen Tye Talkin

A registered classical homeopath living in Southern England. Specializes in pregnancy/childbirth & grief related conditions. Has three grown children all born at home with homeopathy. Speaks English & Swedish.

Magda Wright

A licenced, Classical homeopath, specialises in fertility and pregnancy, speaks English and

Tina Horrell

A licenced, Classical homeopath living in Australia with a special interest in autism,
ADHD & anxiety.

Stephanie Thullen

A licenced Classical homeopath, based in the UK, specialising in women’s hormonal
health.  I speak English and Spanish

Eileen Conneely

A licenced Classical homeopath living in Ireland, specialising in ADHD
and anxiety.

Peter Matu

A certified Homeopath working  online worldwide. Specialising in allergies/food sensitivities and respiratory diseases. Languages: English, Slovak/Czech, Hungarian.

Esther Ritmeester

A licensed Classical Homeopath living in New Zealand. I speak Dutch and English. I specialize in Grief/Depression and Restless Leg Syndrome.

Kate Lambrick

A classical homeopath with training in Australia and India.  Special interest in: womens emotional cause of illness and children with ADD, ADHD.

Lucie Groves

A licenced Classical homeopath living in Wales in the UK. specialising in diabetes and thyroid function.

Lois Duquesnoy

A licenced Classical homeopath based in  Bristol Uk, specialising in Autism and Migraines/Cluster headaches.

Diane Willcock

Registered Classical Homeopath living in New Zealand. Special interests in Pre-Menstural Dysphoria Disorder (PMDD) and in teaching parents to help their children with homeopathy.

Lindsey Pascoe

A licenced Classical homeopath based in Canada who loves working with emotional health and women’s health.

Kirsty Richards

A classical Homeopath living on Waiheke Island, New Zealand. I have a special interest in women’s health and children’s and teenagers’ wellness.

Florentina Beta

A professionally qualified, classical licensed homeopath based in Central London, UK.
Specialising on Women’s health and Autoimmune disorders. Speaks English & Romanian.

Melissa Foreman

A licensed Classical and practical Homeopath based in Brighton, UK. With a special interest in treating Women’s health problems and Hypothyroidism.

Elsbeth North

A licensed classical & practical homeopath specialising in urinary disorders.
Speaks English and German

Alona Nikitina

A licenced Classical homeopath living in Ireland, specialising in Pregnancy, infants and toddlers. Speaks Russian, Latvian and English.

Theresa Hughes

A licenced Classical homeopath with training in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Specialising in Children’s and women’s health.

Pailin Brzeski

A licensed homeopath in London specialising in  digestive system issues and skin conditions.

Paula Webb

A licenced Classical Homeopath based in London UK, with a special interest in POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome).

Georgina Wolf

A Licensed Classical Homeopath based in UK, specialising in Women’s Health and Mental Health.

Gitanjali Goel

A licenced Classical Homeopath in Ontario Canada, specialising in PCOS & IBS.

Susan Terry

A licenced Classical Homeopath based in Cornwall in the UK. Specialising in children with special needs and digestive/gut health.

Donna Sadzius

An Australian Classical Homeopath practicing for over 20 years. I have a special interest in treating Arthritis and Asthma.

Dr Anthony De Pontes

Professional Classical Homeopath, with functional medicine background, specializing in autoimmune disease and anxiety.

Lyssa Clayton

A certified Homeopath based in Scotland. She sees clients from around the UK and worldwide. Specializing in Auto-immune conditions and Pregnancy/Postnatal Year.

Katie Kiemeny

A certified Classical Homeopath and licensed Registered Nurse living in Canada. Specialized in perinatal care and fertility. 

Rachel Gawne

A licensed, experienced classical and practical homeopath consulting from Brighton in the UK. Specialising in Anxiety/Depression and ADHD.

AnnaMaree Downing

A qualified Australian Homeopath , since 1991 , now living and practicing in Bali Indonesia, and worldwide via the internet. Specialising in Hormonal Health & Thyroid Function. Speak English & Indonesian.

Eszter Ballo

A licensed homeopath based in Northern Ireland, UK with a special interest in maternal mental health/perinatal depression. Languages: English, Hungarian, German.

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