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Homeopathy – Potency & Dose


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If you would you like to start using homeopathy at home but feel unsure about dose and potency then this information is for you.

If you would you like to feel more confident about how to choose the right remedies, then this course is for you.

Homeopathy is a safe, natural medicine that is safe to use at home for you and your family. If you would like to start using natural medicines at home with don’t give you side effects then start here with our first list of homeopathic remedies for you to use at home.


Potency & Dose For Dog Owners


50% OFF | YOU PAY $10

Do you want to use homeopathic remedies for your dogs but don’t feel confident about choosing the right potency or dose?

Do you have some homeopathic remedies but you don’t know how to administer them?

These courses have been put together for dog owners, even if you haven’t ever had any experience of homeopathy before.

This introduction will help you become more confident at prescribing homeopathy at home


Free Flu Course

Have a look at how you can be using homeopathy to help you through flu symptoms as they occur.
Preparing yourself and your family,
Which remedies to have in stock,
Collecting the symptoms,
Finding the right remedy,
Deciding on the potency,
How many doses are needed,
When to repeat the dose,
When to change the remedy.

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