Month 1 and Month 2

What you have already achieved

On the first month, you will learn:

  • How to find people online that want to work with you.
  • How to interact with people to build rapport
  • How to find the right people to talk to
  • How to price your services
  • How to build meaningful interactions
  • How to be a helpful homeopath
  • Setting up your online video platform
  • Setting up your International calendar
  • Setting up your International payment systems

On the second month, you will learn:

  • Setting up your Personal Profile
  • Setting up your areas of special interest in order to plan your marketing strategy
  • ‘Setting you up on the Homeopathy 247 platform
  • Setting you up on the Ask a Homeopath Platform
  • Fine-tuning your conversation techniques taking people from a conversation to a consultation.

Here’s what you should expect in the next few months


Coaching eBooks and Agreements

Homeopathy247 Agreement

International Therapy Business eBook

TAWK Training eBook

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