Homeopathy for Fear

The thought of November the 5th always fills me with dread as I remember the fear my poor dog Lilly had when, living in Falmouth on an old Classic motor boat, when the fireworks, strategically placed of the banks of the river Fal to give a great display over the river, came raining down onto the boat and myself and my husbands were frantically running around trying to make sure our boat was not going to burn as firework debris landed on the decks.

Poor Lilly was mortified. She hid in our bedroom trying desperately to squeeze under the 3 inch gap under the bed.

Luckily I had phosphorus and after a very high potency, she then came up and watched then curled up in her basket and went to sleep. The change was incredible and I continue to be so thankful that I found homeopathy and my family do not have to suffer from firework horrors … or any other emotional upset for that matter.

So here are some great remedies you need to consider for Fear of loud noises:


Never been well since a shock or fright
Ailments from fright
Fear of death and dying
Nightmares, phobias and panic attacks
Restlessness with fear and anxiety
Afraid to go outside
Fear of confined spaces
Inconsolable anxiety
Terror stricken
Loquacity during fear

Arsenicum Album

Fears of heath and dying
Fear of being poisoned
Fears of losing those they love
OCD behaviours
Heightened anxiety during the night
Always feels cold or cannot keep warm
Likes everything in order and tidy
Worried about germs
Symptoms often have burning sensations


Timid, mild, emotional and tearful
Craves affection and sympathy
Better for consolation
Weeps easily
Sensitive to reprimand


Over sensitive to external impressions
Excitable with tendency to be startled
Anxious, restless, fidgety
Anxiety during a thunderstorm or fireworks
Fearfulness of things creeping out of corners
Better for company and consolation
Laughing when sad
Sensitive to horror stories, pain and suffering


Fear of thunder and loud noises
Fear of infection
Fear of falling
Fretful, ill-humoured, irritable and dis-contented.
Fault finding and angry
Sensitive to sudden noises
Startled when hearing bad news or least noise
Violent fright from gunshot sound

Try the remedy that most suits the symptoms that are happening right now but also suit the person / animal and their personality when happy. With sudden fright, repeat the remedy after 5 minutes and then again, if needed after another 10 minutes. If there is no change after 3 doses then it was probably not the right remedy.

If you want to find out more about prescribing for your animals then please look at our coaching course of dog owners. We also have a Facebook group which helps owners learn more about homeopathy for their animals.

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