Grief and the Hormonal Cow

The Grief Stricken Cow

This is Esther Ritmeesters’ case of a milking cow on a dairy farm in New Zealand. It’s a long one but an interesting story with a happy ending … so grab a cuppa and get comfy!

This cow developed grief in a hormonally charged time for her, and became difficult to handle. It demonstrates that even in a situation like this that individual animals get noticed when they develop problems that affect their usual routines and behaviour.

Just like people, animals may develop emotional symptoms that can show through in their sudden inability to cope in their usual routine environment. Homeopathy can be used in these situations, and not only bring relief to the individual but also restore balance and peace in the relationship they have with others.

#51 was the lead cow in a 200 cow herd, and had never given any trouble. At the end of July 2019, she calved without issue late one night. On the same night another cow (#72) birthed her first calf and abandoned the calf immediately.

#51 immediately adopted the young cow as her ‘big daughter’. Her own calf separated from her the very next day as is normally the case. She then became obsessed with #72 and felt very protective of her.

This was particularly noticed when the farmer and his dog needed to collect the cows for milking. #51 and #72 moved to the back of the paddock and refused to come. “You couldn’t move them” said the farmer. The dog was completely defied, and then was attacked by the frantic #51. She bellowed and roared while shaking her head low to the ground, her mouth open and tongue dangling. She was turning in circles as if fighting off a predator!

#51 not only defied the dog, but the farmer too. He had to get into the paddock and wave a stick to try and get the pair out which eventually worked after quite some effort. The farmer was shocked as this cow had never given issues like this before.

‘Mother and daughter’ were inseperable, grazing, walking together and also in the milking shed at first. If they became separated ‘mother’ called for her ‘daughter’  continuously and frantically. It was very unusual for this animal to be so vocal and obstinate; this had never happened in previous seasons.  This situation continued this way until November!

Over time these changes were observed:

  • #51 seemed to have been so obsessed with her daughter that she had lost her top position in the herd.
  • The two cows are not so close together in the shed anymore and are seen to come in at different times to be milked. However #51 calls out for the daughter during the milking times if she can’t see her.
  • The dog is upset. The two cows still defy her. She can get them out of the paddock, but it happens often that on the way to the shed they turn around and go back to the paddock, the dog frantically yapping behind them.  “They now just walk over the top of you”, said the farmer.

The farmer who has used Homeopathy at times, tried Ignatia in this case but to no avail.

After Esther took all the ‘mind’ symptoms into account (defiant, dictatorial, ailments from grief, desire to go home, obstinate, rage screaming with fury, loquacity), the 5  highest scoring medicines were Lachesis, Lycopodium, Ignatia, Belladonna, and Arnica.

Lachesis 30c was prescribed twice a day for 2 days due to the protectiveness, defiance  and loquacity which are a big feature in this medicine.

5  days after the last dose, the farmer said the cow seemed to have returned to her normal self and was not attached to her ‘daughter’ anymore. She doesn’t defy the dog, nor does she feel the need to protect her ‘daughter’ from the dog. She is no longer noisy either. The daughter seems to be okay with this and there is more distance between the two.

Such a happy ending, and a very happy dog and farmer!

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