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Homeopathy at Home App

Available on App Store and Play Store

Introducing Homeopathy at Home, the ultimate mobile app for natural remedies.

Homeopathy at Home is designed to empower you with the ancient wisdom of homeopathy for natural healing at your fingertips. Discover a world of gentle, holistic remedies, and take control of your well-being with this user-friendly, comprehensive app.

We have put all of our useful information together for you on a homeopathy app for your phone.

Quick and easy homeopathy right there at your fingertips.

You can download the Homeopathy at Home app on App Store and Play Store.

This app is only compatible with smartphones.

Homeopathy for Dog Owners App

Available on App Store and Play Store

Homeopathy for Dog Owners app is designed to help you care for your canine companion using the power of homeopathy. Explore our list of homeopathic remedies, acute symptoms and other resources right at your fingertips.

Embrace the gentle power of homeopathy and provide your dog with the holistic care they deserve. Take the lead in their health journey with our mobile app – because every tail deserves a wag of wellness!

You can download the Homeopathy for Dog Owners app from App Store and Google Play.

This app is only compatible with smartphones.


What Other Users Say About the App


“This app is great makes me more confident to be able to treat my little kids with whatever may come our way this cold season. I love how concise it is which makes it so much easier to understand and narrow the right remedy down to a T. Thank you for creating a wonderful app that is quick at my disposal and making me a more equipped to get to the right remedy.”



“I have the regular homeopathy 247 app which have used and loved on so many occasions. I have two other homeopathy apps on my phone and the one by 247 is always my go to! It’s an invaluable resource and makes it so much easier to select the right remedy. Because of this I was thrilled to see that they now have one for dog owners. This one is just a great! Please don’t hesitate to buy especially seeing how it’s as cheap as a cup of coffee. Your beloved pet will thank you for it!”

WV Sherry


“I have used this app for a quick go to when I do not have access to my homeopathy books, it has been so helpful. I am also using it to help teach my 14 year old daughter the basics of homeopathy so she is able to treat her family and ours if I am not able. Highly recommend this app, the information is wonderful to have on the go.”


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