Free Webinar

Homeopathy for a Healthy Gut

with Lisa Robbins, Caroline Masters, Ali Lomax, Gitanjali Goel and Roger Savage

Free Webinar

Homeopathy for a Healthy Gut

with Lisa Robbins, Ali Lomax, Caroline Masters, Gitanjali Goel and Roger Savage

Date: Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Time: 6:30 pm BST | 1:30 pm EST

Treat gut troubles naturally with no side-effects and long-lasting relief for you and your family in this free one-hour webinar. Bring your burning questions. Honour your new year’s resolution to sort your innards!

After a brief introduction to homeopathic healing and why it works well for digestive issues, we will briefly review how to create a healthy gut, present a few gut disorders that respond beautifully to homeopathic care and explain the crucial benefits of detox. You will learn:

  • what can go wrong with the gut and tips to avoid this/ how to create a healthy gut
  • how homeopathy effectively supports gut health, compliments conventional medicine
  • why a healthy gut provides a solid foundation for physical and mental function
  • top remedies to address constipation, heartburn, IBS, SIBO and more

A handout will cover the essence of our presentations

Who Are We

Lisa Robbins

Ali Lomax

Caroline Masters

Gitanjali Goel

Roger Savage

Our team of five stellar practitioners brings diverse expertise. We are passionate about this old and new healing art that unites nature’s wisdom with the precepts of physics. In our clinics we address digestive system complaints from heartburn and bowel troubles through stomach ulcers, IBS and SIBO. With gut problems healing or sorted, with a clean, detoxed foundation, you can better focus on work and enjoy leisure time. Gut health paves a direct path to best brain function. Presenters: Lisa Robbins PDHom Adv, Ali Lomax LCHE R.Hom.Int, Caroline Masters MARH RHom, Gitanjali Goal HOM D.H.M.S. and Roger Savage MA DSH MRSH Hon FS Hom

Our team of professional homeopaths are available for homeopathic treatment now.