Homeopathic Studies

Our Homeopathic Studies are designed to collate valuable data and important information about homeopathic remedies in relation to homeopathy treatment of specific symptoms and conditions. In exchange for your regular feedback during the conduction of the study, you will receive the homeopathic treatment at a heavily discounted price. Click on the specific homeopathic study below and find out more how to participate.

Live (ongoing) Homeopathic Studies

Research and Study Information

Our observational, pilot studies are conducted by each independent homeopath in order to

  1. Gain more experience in the field
  2. Gather information to be put with other studies in this field
  3. Collate information in order to help train other homeopathic doctor in the field.
  4. Collate information to help people understand more about how homeopathy can help people with this diagnosis.

These studies will not be published in medical journals but will be used within our International team of homeopaths and their clients, to help homeopaths and users of homeopathy treatment to help share homeopathic information and encourage people to learn more about their health care choices.

We support freedom of choice, freedom of voice and freedom to take back the responsibility for your own health.

What our clients say

High caring and professional, Rachel was fantastic in getting me help quickly and following up. Invaluable to have instant help at any time of the night or day.


Both the kids are doing so much better today! April is still a bit whiny and had some diarrhea last night but she woke up happy today which hasn’t happened in several days. Thank you so much.”


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