Homeopathy for Strep Throat, UTIs and Other Infections Team

Jagoda Salewska

Licensed Homeopath

I am a practical homeopath so I often combine methods and prescribe a few remedies based on the patient’s needs. I help people to achieve a satisfactory and healthier life by introducing changes in their susceptibility and emotional well-being with homeopathic remedies, supplements and Bach flower essences. Changing susceptibility is especially important in recurring infections to help conditions like recurring colds, ear or skin infections to be milder and manifest less often. I see a lot of children in my practice who often have some repeating infections. It is partially how children’s immune systems mature, however a homeopathic treatment with a homeopath can make recurring states less severe and less frequent.

Anjum Rahmatulla

Licensed Classical Homeopath

Hi, I am Anjum Rahmatulla and I am a licensed classical homeopath, which means that I use one remedy at a time. I then know what has worked or not worked. My goal is to help people maximise their health and general wellbeing and to provide a way of achieving sustainable health. This is particularly important in the field of recurrent infections, where I have helped people struggling with recurrent ear, nose and throat (ENT) infections. Tonsillitis, staph infections, sinusitis and ear infections are some of the issues I have seen presented in my practice. With time and patience, homeopathy builds stamina, immunity and resilience and can make a remarkable difference to overall health.

Monika Bruckner

Professional Homeopath

Hi, my name is Monika Bruckner, I am a professional homeopath in Los Angeles, CA. I grew up in Germany and was treated early on with homeopathy for all kinds of common ailments. During my studies and career as a singer in Paris I would always seek out a homeopathic doctor If I needed help. Two personal experiences left a deep impression with me and helped cement my love and respect for homeopathy: the speedy recovery from an acute kidney infection, and years later, the full recovery from a severe autoimmune disease.

Gitanjali Goel

Licensed Classical Homeopath

Hi, I am Gitanjali. I started my journey as a homeopath 22 years ago and learnt that our bodies have the ability to transform our lives and our health conditions. I have successfully helped patients struggling with acne, post pill syndrome, thyroid concerns, and digestive complaints including SIBO and IBS/IBD. I understand that it can be very overwhelming to cope with complicated health challenges, that’s why I also focus on the emotional impact of my patient’s health journey, while addressing their physical symptoms.

Sonia Cousillas

Licensed Classical Homeopath

A licensed classical homeopath living in London. Practicing worldwide online. With a special interest in eating disorders and addictions.

Natalie Cooke

Qualified Homeopath

Hello, I’m Natalie, and I’m passionate about Homeopathy. As a practitioner, I specialise in guiding individuals toward a more fulfilling and healthier life by addressing their mental, emotional, and physical well-being using homeopathic remedies and flower essences. Over the years, I’ve encountered various ailments, including many recurrent infections like staph infections, tonsillitis, and ear infections. Drawing from both professional expertise and personal experience, I’ve witnessed the profound impact of homeopathy in facilitating full recovery, including my own journey towards overcoming an autoimmune digestive disease. I’m dedicated to empowering others on their path to holistic wellness through the principles and practice of homeopathy.

Anelia Doncheva

Classically Trained Homeopath

Hello and welcome! I’m Annie, a veterinarian and a classically trained Homeopath based in Essex in the UK. I was born in Bulgaria and have been living in England for 13 years. England offered me a fantastic mix of experiences with its diverse landscapes and lively cities. It’s brought me unique causes and opportunities for my professional growth. I live here with my husband, 2 grown-up children and our dog.

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“My 3 year old and 6 month old both came down with rsv. Having been the medical route prior to this and finding ourselves stuck in the antibiotic cycle with my 3 year old contracting his 2nd ear infection that month, I was desperate for something different. A friend recommended homeopathy247 and I’m so glad! Having the homeopaths available in the middle of the sleepless night when both my boys were so uncomfortable, their caring and calm demeanor to this frazzled mama, the effectiveness of their prescription, and their follow up care will definitely make me return again! Thank you so much for the care you gave!”

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