Naziana Searle

Licensed Homeopath

Hello, I am Naziana and I have been an analyst for over 25 years. I have a science background with a degree in biology and chemistry. Believing in natural health and having used homeopathy for many years, I decided to become a homeopath, and follow my passion. If you have had sleep issues for more than 3 months, it moves from being an acute sleep issue to a chronic sleep issue. This is best addressed with a homeopath.

Biba Boele

Licensed Classical Homeopath

I love everything about being a homeopath. I love creating that hallowed space for someone to share their world and what it is to be them, noticing and analysing the clues the mind and body reveal about what has created dis-ease and what needs to be cured, and exploring all our wonderful remedies to find the best fit. Mostly, I like to help people. Homeopathy and the person receiving it do the rest.

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We are a group of professional homeopaths here to help our members having difficulties with sleep to enjoy improved levels of health and wellbeing through homeopathy.

What our clients say

“I reached out to Homeopathy247 because my five-yr-old son had a cough that had been hanging on for two weeks. The homeopath on duty booked a video consultation immediately, sent a remedy and dosing recommendation shortly thereafter, and my son’s cough was resolved within three days.

If I had to sum up my experience using Homeopathy247, I would say it was reassuring, comforting, and caring, and I would recommend this service to my friends.”

Christine G.

“My 3 year old and 6 month old both came down with rsv. Having been the medical route prior to this and finding ourselves stuck in the antibiotic cycle with my 3 year old contracting his 2nd ear infection that month, I was desperate for something different. A friend recommended homeopathy247 and I’m so glad! Having the homeopaths available in the middle of the sleepless night when both my boys were so uncomfortable, their caring and calm demeanor to this frazzled mama, the effectiveness of their prescription, and their follow up care will definitely make me return again! Thank you so much for the care you gave!”

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