Homeopathy for Migraine & Headache Team

Susie Cornally Bale

Classically Trained Homeopath

My interest in migraines and headaches goes back very far even to when I was a child and I realised the neurological connection. My father suffered from epilepsy and also terrible migraines so I realised this connection early on. When I trained as a homeopath I trained as a classical homeopath, however have since come to approach homeopathy from many angles – using organ and tissue supports, homeopathic detox therapy when there is medication toxicity that needs addressing even if it is old standing, using combination remedies where needed and also Bach flowers in some cases in combination with remedies. Homeopathy is an incredible tool and that coupled with basic nutritional advice which I give when needed, help my client’s recovery and progress.

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Homeopathy for migraines & headaches is run by 4 professional homeopath’s who are passionate about educating our members on what homeopathy is capable of achieving.

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This service is an incredible resource! I like using homeopathic remedies, but I’m not always confident. Having access to Ciara was so wonderful! I would definitely use the service again.”


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