Homeopathy for Kids & Teens Team

Moitza Kobi

Licensed Classical and Practical Homeopath

I’m a registered practical homeopath living in London. My interest in homeopathy was sparked by its success at helping my family with our physical and mental/emotional health. Raising 3 children (now 27, 22 and 16), while moving countries and adapting to different environments, it was the best tool to work through infections, acne, eczema, glandular fever, as well as grief, exam nerves, and all other pains of growing up. That led me naturally to treat mainly children and young people, whose energy and fresh look on life continue to inspire me and teach me. Homeopathic treatment addresses the current problem, and at the same time strengthens the persons overall health. I work internationally on Zoom and speak English, Spanish, German and Slovenian.

Ann Lovatt

Classical Homeopath

My journey into Homeopathy began when came to rely on it as a safe, gentle and effective support during pregnancy. When my children began growing into young people we used it to tackle everything from coughs, colds, verruccas, anxiety and OCD. My clinical practice today reflects my experience working with children of all ages across a wide range of issues and I have a particular interest in the mental health crisis we are facing now. I believe the holistic approach of homeopathy offers a uniquely supportive role to young people and their families.

Caroline Masters

Classical Homeopath

I discovered homeopathy following a miscarriage. After a few doses, I felt better and quickly conceived again. I forgot all about those magic pills until my toddler daughter developed Molluscum, and I went back to the homeopath. Her skin cleared up fast! I then went on to train as a homeopath myself and I particularly enjoy working with children and young people. I also teach piano after school and love working out how my young students tick through listening and exploring their characters in order to find a way to help them, just like in a homeopathic consultation.

Liz McKenzie


Hello, I’m from NZ. I have been involved in health my whole adult life as a registered nurse, a naturopath’s assistant and a homeopath. We are still navigating through puberty with the youngest of my four children. A household full of teenagers is often the norm. I love working with young people who are usually easier to read and often have less history of suppression through mainstream medication. Homeopathic treatment often seems miraculous with the speed at which children recover under as in the case of my daughter who went from screaming in pain in the night from a urinary tract infection to sleeping peacefully beside us.

Lisa Robbins

Licensed Classical Homeopath

Kids and teens come to me with acne and asthma, gut troubles, emotional upheavals, anxiety from academic pressures and relationships. Issues of identity and belonging, self-esteem and accepting/liking their bodies are prominent. Kids and teens can be blunt, snarky, forgetful, a bit self-focused. Always great fun to work with. When my own two teens made it out the other side to become civilised adults, I figured I must have done something right. Or was it the remedies? Patients say I’m a good listener, energetic and enthusiastic, thorough, patient and persevering. They report far-reaching, long-lasting positive changes. Alongside kids and teens, I treat digestive disorders, heart and breathing troubles, skin issues, back and joint mobility problems for all ages. Self-esteem, chronic anxiety, anger and remorse, suppression and pleasing others top the list. Remedies offer holistic care, tailor-made to babies and adolescents, adults and the elderly in a safe and welcoming space. Detox, recover balance, find new energy with me.

Roger Savage

Licensed Classical Homeopath

I have been a homeopath for almost 50 years now! The last few years I’ve been working intensively with Ton Jansen, using the Human Chemistry method of prescribing as a way to resolve the more complex cases, people who can be burdened by toxins of many kinds. This so often means clearing the problems in our digestive system, as a healthy gut means a healthy person!

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