Priyanka Jadhav

Licensed Classical Homeopath

Diabetes is one of the many lifestyle diseases. Wrong diet or sedentary lifestyles are mostly the obvious and superficial causes but in my practice I have seen many diabetic people suffer from stress at home or work, long term suppressed grief or anger, insomnia or many other unresolved emotions. Although diabetes is a common diagnosis, in homeopathic case taking I give importance to studying the person as a whole. I understand their journey before being diagosed with diabetes. I also give equal consideration blood sugar fluctuations, lab reports as well as other medical reports. I gather information regarding family, relations, work, childhood, other medical issues and history. All these help me construct a holistic picture of the person. Each diabetic person is treated according to the pattern of manifestation of individualised symptoms and underlying causes. Constitutional homeopathic remedy will help stimulate the exhausted pancreatic cells for better functioning. This can further avoid the possible complications and restores the body’s internal capacity for natural healing. I do not recommend overriding or stopping any existing medications. However with discipline and determination I have seen my clients reduce the medications after review from their physicians over the course of time. If this resonates with you, book a call with me here.

Graziella Caruso

Licensed Classical Homeopath

My homeopathic approach to working with people with diabetes When working with people with diabetes I like to use all the tools that homeopathy can offer and I have multi-level approach to the treatment plan. The basis of every homeopathic treatment plan is the constitutional and anti-miasmatic approach – meaning I address the root cause of the issue by treating the whole person by taking into consideration the physical, mental/emotional and genetic level. In complex cases where the condition has progressed past the initial functional stage, I may add extra targeted support for the affected systems and organs. This can range from cell support by using tissue salts, organ support with organ specific remedies and therapeutic support with remedies that have been found to have an affinity with the disease picture itself. During the initial consultation I start building a picture of your current symptoms, health history, family history and medical records. This is then incorporated into your personal treatment plan, which we follow and adjust as required for the duration of treatment. During subsequent follow up consultations we discuss your progress, revisit your current symptoms and assess any changes that have occurred. I will offer continued support for as long as you need it.


Liz McKenzie


Treating many diabetics in the conventional system motivated me to help diabetics with homeopathy. Homeopathy used as an integrated approach alongside mainstream medicine, diet and lifestyle changes can support your pancreas and liver, lessen the chance of complications, help stabilize your blood sugar levels and manage symptoms. Book a consultation today for a happier and healthier life.

Caroline Eaton

Licensed Classical Homeopath

Hello there! Knowing what a fundamental effect diabetes can have on all aspects of the health of a person; I love helping clients free themselves from the sum of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues that are holding them back from living their best lives. My approach is to combine the best of very traditional Hahnemannian prescribing methodologies, with the teachings of more modern homeopaths to access the subconscious levels and get to the root of what needs to be healed within you.

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“I reached out to Homeopathy247 because my five-yr-old son had a cough that had been hanging on for two weeks. The homeopath on duty booked a video consultation immediately, sent a remedy and dosing recommendation shortly thereafter, and my son’s cough was resolved within three days.

If I had to sum up my experience using Homeopathy247, I would say it was reassuring, comforting, and caring, and I would recommend this service to my friends.”

Christine G.

“My 3 year old and 6 month old both came down with rsv. Having been the medical route prior to this and finding ourselves stuck in the antibiotic cycle with my 3 year old contracting his 2nd ear infection that month, I was desperate for something different. A friend recommended homeopathy247 and I’m so glad! Having the homeopaths available in the middle of the sleepless night when both my boys were so uncomfortable, their caring and calm demeanor to this frazzled mama, the effectiveness of their prescription, and their follow up care will definitely make me return again! Thank you so much for the care you gave!”

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