Homeopathy for Hashimoto’s and Grave’s Team

Dr. Anthony de Pontes

Licensed Homeopath and Functional Medicine Practitioner

Besides just using the modality of homeopathy and functional medicine, I educate the patient and get them to understand why they have the condition they are suffering with, then, together with the patient, we plot the pathway to enable them to heal, restore their health and gain control of their wellbeing. Autoimmunity is a process of taking the patient from what they know about health to the true root cause problem and healing this-beginning with physiological deficiencies, hormone rebalancing to emotional trauma.

Ciara Corcoran

Licensed Homeopath

Homeopathy and indeed healthcare has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. My father and grandfather were pharmacists. During my school holidays and on weekends, I was spellbound as I watched my father make his own cough bottles and tonics using his “pestle and mortar”! He would take ingredients such as Aconite and Sulphur and mix them with intent, and these hand-made mixtures would fly off the shelf!

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This service is an incredible resource! I like using homeopathic remedies, but I’m not always confident. Having access to Ciara was so wonderful! I would definitely use the service again.”


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