Lisa Robbins

Licensed Classical Homeopath

Digestive system complaints, from heartburn to bowel troubles are debilitating and make it impossible to work or enjoy leisure time. Chemical tummy tamers have helped my patients in the short run, but suppression drove digestive ailments deeper. After surgery for haemorrhoids, the piles came back. By contrast, the right homeopathic remedy offers natural, long-term solutions to chronic gut issues; it works alongside conventional medicine and can eliminate the root cause of whatever stops full expression.

Caroline Masters

Classical Homeopath

I have a special interest in treating gut health because so often it’s at the root cause of a person’s health problem or plays a significant role. Healing the gut can mean a multitude of symptoms are eradicated and full health can be restored. I am specifically interested in the gut/brain connection and how dysbiosis can massively affect a person’s state of mind, clearly illustrating the mind/body connection. Gut Health is such a big area with new discoveries being made all the time and I am continually learning while helping patients to feel better.

Ali Lomax

Classical Homeopath

Homeopathy has so much understanding on the gut/brain link with our health and this is an area I also have great interest in. Constipation can be just one area that can so benefit from Homeopathic support and you can find me offering additional help along with other team members in our gut-focussed group here. Let me help you out of your daily discomfort!

Gitanjali Goel

Licensed Classical Homeopath

Hi, I am Gitanjali Goel and I am an international homeopath offering online video consultations. I have been successfully helping patients struggling with autoimmune conditions like IBD (Ulcerative colitis, Chrons’), Irritable Bowel Syndrome, SIBO, food intolerances and imbalanced gut health. I understand that it can be very overwhelming to cope with complicated gut issues, that’s why I focus on the immune system of my patients as boosting the immune system while treating the current condition helps to bring the complete restoration of health.

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