Homeopathy for Fertility Team

Amal Mamoun

Licensed Homeopath

Hi, I’m Amal. My experience with homeopathy has literally changed my life. I first encountered the magic of homeopathy when my asthma became persistent and severe, and life had become so limited in what I could do. I was desperate and sought the help of a homeopath. I took my 3 children along with me as each was suffering from different ailments, including eczema.

Dr. Varsha M. Khurana

Licensed Medically-Trained Classical Homeopath

My primary area of interest has been INFERTILITY & PREGNANCY. I treat both primary and secondary types of infertility in my practice. Once the milestone of conception is achieved, which takes maximum 6-9 months in the most difficult cases, I continue working with women throughout their pregnancy so they are very well supported for all of the minor and major troubles during that period as well as the optimal health of the fetus, as homeopathy can be very useful for handling the genetic susceptibilities running through the families. Proper preparation for an easy and short parturition is also achieved with homeopathy, so the journey can be very fulfilling, as most women using homeopathy do not need many conventional medicines during the whole process from conception to delivery.

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Homeopathy for Infertility

We are a group of professional homeopaths specialising in Infertility as a niche. Our objective here is to spread awareness about homeopathy being a very viable and natural option for the treatment of Primary and Secondary Infertility.

What Our Clients Say

“Special mention to Dr.Varsha, at the time I reached out to her, my son was already unwell for about 10 days, on homeopathy, and then antibiotics for the first time also did not help. With Dr.Varsha’s remedies, within hours one of the symptoms stopped, and fever stabilized by the next day the cough improved. Ive been on homeopathy for close to 20 years, it never ceases to amaze me how quickly symptoms can turn around on the right remedy.”

Anu B

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