Priyanka Jadhav

Licensed Classical Homeopath

Diabetes is one of the many lifestyle diseases. Wrong diet or sedentary lifestyles are mostly the obvious and superficial causes but in my practice I have seen many diabetic people suffer from stress at home or work, long term suppressed grief or anger, insomnia or many other unresolved emotions. Although diabetes is a common diagnosis, in homeopathic case taking I give importance to studying the person as a whole. I understand their journey before being diagosed with diabetes. I also give equal consideration blood sugar fluctuations, lab reports as well as other medical reports. I gather information regarding family, relations, work, childhood, other medical issues and history. All these help me construct a holistic picture of the person. Each diabetic person is treated according to the pattern of manifestation of individualised symptoms and underlying causes. Constitutional homeopathic remedy will help stimulate the exhausted pancreatic cells for better functioning. This can further avoid the possible complications and restores the body’s internal capacity for natural healing. I do not recommend overriding or stopping any existing medications. However with discipline and determination I have seen my clients reduce the medications after review from their physicians over the course of time. If this resonates with you, book a call with me here.

Liz McKenzie


Treating many diabetics in the conventional system motivated me to help diabetics with homeopathy. Homeopathy used as an integrated approach alongside mainstream medicine, diet and lifestyle changes can support your pancreas and liver, lessen the chance of complications, help stabilize your blood sugar levels and manage symptoms. Book a consultation today for a happier and healthier life.

Ekta Kaur Ross

Licensed Homeopath

Treating Diabetic patients has been one of my most rewarding experiences. It is a journey I take with my patients. It is a chronic state and without treating the label I focus on the presenting symptoms. There are no quick fixes and yet we find by taking a holistic view of the person, and treating them as a whole, the patient improves in many ways. Homeopathy works very well as complementary medicine, integrating with mainstream medicine in patient care. I would not ask you to stop your medication but we often find that doses are reduced or completely stopped by the mainstream doctor after a term of homeopathic care. The homeopathic remedies work at a different energy level, they are non-addictive, have no side effects and are very easy to take. They simply do not interfere with your mainstream medication and for that very reason I encourage you to give it a try.

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