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Anna Bobcov

Classically-Trained Homeopath

I am a classically-trained homeopath currently based in London, UK. Having grown up in a family of engineers, and with a BSc degree to boot, I have always been sceptical of anything other than mainstream science and medicine. It had never crossed my mind to stop and think about what health really was and how to maintain it. I tried a lot of therapies and when nothing was helping, I decided I had nothing to lose and tried homeopathy.

Rachel Gawne

Licensed Classical and Practical Homeopath

I discovered homeopathy in my 20s having suffered from very bad hay fever from childhood. Each summer I took plenty of medication and stayed indoors with heavy nose bleeds, streaming eyes and violent sneezing, but nothing really worked for long. By sheer luck I was put in touch with a homeopath and when my allergy eased and eventually faded away, I was hooked! Knowing that homeopathy can make such a big difference to our health and wellbeing is exciting.

Glenis Paulette

Experienced Classical Homeopath

I am an experienced classical homeopath living in New Zealand. My homeopathic specialities include pregnancy, birth and young babies, and I also have a special interest in detoxing and treating children with developmental delays, ASD and PANDAS. I studied with Kim Kalina to become a certified Cease Practitioner and to use inspiring homeopathy. I have also attended lectures with Colin Griffiths, Amy Lansky, Pierre Fontaine and am studying Human Chemistry. I am proud to have brought up my neuro-diverse son without antibiotics or other mainstream medication and he is now a healthy, independent adult and father.

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We are a team of professional homeopaths from all over the globe who are passionate about helping people navigate our increasingly toxic environment with the help of homeopathy.

What Our Clients Say

“I reached out to Homeopathy247 because my five-yr-old son had a cough that had been hanging on for two weeks. The homeopath on duty booked a video consultation immediately, sent a remedy and dosing recommendation shortly thereafter, and my son’s cough was resolved within three days.

If I had to sum up my experience using Homeopathy247, I would say it was reassuring, comforting, and caring, and I would recommend this service to my friends.”

Christine G.

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