Homeopathy for Cancer Team

Dr. Shrikant Talari


I love taking up challenging cases and hence choose cancer as my speciality. I believe we as homeopaths need to be clinicians to be better homeopaths. So I work with various cancer hospitals, oncologists while my main focus has always to be a better homeopathic prescriber. The magic of homeopathy is in finding the exact remedy. The closer you get to the remedy greater the quality and quantity of life in such patients.

Dr. Lee Burton

Medically Qualified and Classically Trained Homeopathic

As a rural GP I was always drawn to natural approaches, using homeopathy and acupuncture in my everyday practice. In 1998 I started training in classical homeopathic medicine in Bristol, then Bologna, Italy. A fascinating new world of medicine opened and my children grew up with homeopathy.

online homeopath Stephanie-Joachim-licensed-classical-homeopath-homeopathy247-online-homeopathic-consultation-natural-health-natural-remedies-healthy-life

Stephanie Joachim

Licensed Classical Homeopath

A professionally licensed and registered classical homeopath from West Ireland. I practice locally and internationally, via Zoom, and helping people to achieve a healthier, happier, and more balanced life. I can see clients in both English and German language and have worked with deaf clients via a sign language interpreter.

remote homeopath katie-emerson-classical-homeopath-homeopathy247-online-homeopathic-consultation-natural-health-natural-remedies-healthy-life

Katie Emerson

Qualified Professional Homeopath

A qualified professional homeopath with classical training and practical experience, with special interest in the auditory system and identifying tissue salts deficiencies.

remote homeopath Kristina-Samoilova-certified-homeopath-homeopathy247-online-homeopathic-consultation-natural-health-natural-remedies-healthy-life

Kristina Samoilova

Certified Homeopath

I firmly believe in empowering individuals on their healing journey, guiding them towards balance and vitality. To me, homeopathy is not merely a treatment but a profound tool for self-discovery and healing.

Additionally, I specialize in helping with acute states as well as deep, chronic problems. I assist patients with a wide range of issues, including simple infections, coughs, shock, or hormonal imbalances. My ultimate goal is to support individuals in healing as a whole, addressing both physical and emotional well-being.

list of homeopaths Charlie-Ellis-James-licensed-homeopath

Charlie Ellis-James

Licensed Homeopath

I qualified from the College of Practical homeopathy after 3 years of intense study, and am a registered practitioner with Homeopathy International. My approach is totally patient centred and individual. Finding the correct remedies and approaches that help my patients in the best way possible, is always my goal. I see patients locally in the UK and all over the world.

Mary Greensmith

Licensed Classical Homeopath

I studied classical homeopathy for 4 years at The South West School Of Homeopathic Medicine and I have had a busy practice ever since. I am a member of Homeopathy International and I work with clients all over the world. I look forward to meeting you and helping your along your homeopathic journey.

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Homeopathy Supporting Cancer

We, as homeopaths, often help people who have a cancer diagnosis. We will be talking to you about all of the different ways that homeopathy can help people with cancer and helping you learn more about homeopathy.

What Our Clients Say

“I’m new to homeopathy and not certain as to what should be utilized. For normal everyday things I’m okay with reading about which particular option I should use, however in acute situations I’d prefer someone with a lot more experience. I think our doctors are overusing antibiotics and I feel this is a much better option for treatment. I had a wonderful experience. Would definitely utilize again.”


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