Homeopathy for Babies and Toddlers Team Team

Rhonda Campbell

Experienced Homeopathic Practitioner

Hi, my name is Rhonda and I specialise in Homoeopathy, Herbal Medicine, and Natural Fertility. I have a particular interest in promoting the health of babies and toddlers. I am an experienced practitioner and would like to support you on your journey towards better health. My personal experience with pregnancy-related nausea led me to explore natural remedies. I have since studied Herbal Medicine, Bach Flower remedies, and Homeopathy. I am passionate about the mind-body connection, and my own family and clients have benefited from natural treatments.

As a mother of two beautiful children and four special grandchildren, I have used only homeopathy and herbal medicine to maintain their excellent health.

When I’m not practicing, I love making art, spending time in nature, and writing children’s books about natural healing.

Annemarie O’Shea

Qualified and Practicing Homeopath

My name is Annemarie O’Shea. I’m a homeopath living and practicing in Ireland. The majority of my clinic is seeing babies and children.

My first introduction into homeopathy came almost 17 years ago when my eldest was born. He suffered with colic and we used homeopathy to treat him. I’ve treated my children exclusively with homeopathy since they were born. It’s helped treat bronchitis, nappy rash, bed wetting, digestive disorders, sleep disorders, ADHD, tonsillitis, numerous fevers and more! I’m passionate about treating babies & toddlers with homeopathic medicine and seeing the results, empowering parents in using remedies at home and building healthy strong children. There are huge benefits in treating children with homeopathy especially from a young age.

Nina Garrard

Licensed Classical Homeopath

I fell in love with Homeopathy many years ago after witnessing its gentle, but incredibly powerful, healing action with my baby daughter. I absolutely loved being able to naturally support the vast majority of their acute childhood ailments including fevers, coughs and colds, teething and upset stomachs. A seed was planted that, one day, I would study Homeopathy and share this truly amazing healing system of medicine with others. As this is how I started on my own homeopathic journey it feels very humbling and appropriate that I am now able to help others with their babies and toddlers well-being.

Clare Gregory

Classically Trained Homeopath

Babies and toddlers are prone to suffer minor ailments whilst their Immune System is developing, but also developmental challenges can cause discomfort, so as they grow what better way to support them than using Homeopathy.

As a Mum of two children, I remember well the sense of helplessness when either one of them was unwell and we faced the use of antibiotics, paracetamol and steroids. I wish I had known about Homeopathy when mine were Babies.

However, now I’m lucky enough to be able to help you give your little ones the very best start in life by using this Natural approach to their healthcare and I look forward to meeting some of you soon.

Anna Davies

Classical Homeopath

Hello I’m Anna Davies. I have a daughter who is nearly five called Jasmine Rose and I have a particular interest in homeopathy for birth trauma and post partum anxiety, depression and OCD . Left untreated birth trauma can be a factor in colic, sleep disorders and lack of confidence in babies and toddlers. It’s something I feel passionately about and have first hand experience of having gone through a traumatic birth experience with my own daughter. I have also suffered with anxiety and intrusive thoughts. Through my own personal experience I have confidence that homeopathy, carefully prescribed, can provide immense relief in conditions which have trauma as an aetiology. I’m here with the babies and toddlers team to inform, inspire and support you in your learning about using homeopathy for your family.

Ann Lovatt

Classical Homeopath

My journey into Homeopathy started because I loved using it and relied on it during pregnancy and when my children were born. This is the time in life when we have the thrill of the new life accompanied by the responsibility that comes with it. I am so reassured to know that we have homeopathy, a safe medicine, to hand whenever we need support. I’m so excited to be part of this wonderful new group – a resource I’m sure you will love.

Renata Hines

An Experienced Classical Homeopath

Hello, I’m Renata Hines. I’ve been a homoeopath since 1999.

I decided to study homoeopathy because of my own positive experiences with Homeopathy.

I have treated many babies, and children with all their aspects of mental, emotional and physical health.

My own children were brought up solely with Homoeopathy and Homoeopathy is a way of life for me.

Homoeopathy helps children to achieve optimal health through the use of non-toxic homoeopathic remedies offering safe, gentle and effective solutions for your child’s health – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Childhood is the ideal time to introduce your child to homoeopathy as the immune system is developing. Not only can it help when your child is ill, it can also help boost their immune system making them less susceptible to illness and infection.

In this group, I will be posting about babies’ and toddlers’ common complaints and homoeopathy as well as other alternative coadjuvant therapies and self-help tools. I hope to help parents and their children live fuller lives.

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We are a group of 7 Professional Homeopaths (and mothers too!) who have come together to combine our passion for homeopathy with our desire to empower parents to treat their babies and toddlers with homeopathy themselves. We aim to offer you support with any questions you have regarding your child’s health, and to help you learn how to use homeopathy at home for your family.

What Our Clients Say

“Ann was amazing, paid attention to detail, gave great suggestions and replied as needed!! I love working with her! I would like to continue working with her! Thank you for providing this option for us parents who are always on the go!! It is well worth the investment and time! “

Brandie Reese

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