Ann Lovatt

Classical Homeopath

Hello I’m Ann Lovatt. The first post I made for the arthritis group was one about arthritis in the small joints of the hands because I understand how catastrophic it can be to your career if your job depends on dexterity in your fingers and hands. I also have ‘hands on’ experience of arthritis of the large joints having had a hip replacement five years ago. From my own personal experience I have complete confidence that homeopathy, expertly prescribed, alongside lifestyle adjustments, can provide immense relief in inflammatory conditions. I’m her with the arthritis team to inform, inspire and support you.

Dr. Renata Hines

An Experienced Classical Homeopath

Hello, I’m Renata Hines. I’ve been a homoeopath since 1999. I decided to study homoeopathy because research shows that homoeopathy, a holistic specialisation of Western medicine, has very good success rates in treating chronic and acute illnesses without causing further side effects. The Scope of homoeopathic treatment in arthritis and other joint complaints is very favourable. In this group, I will be posting about joint complaints and homoeopathy as well as other alternative co-adjuvant therapies and self-help tools. I hope to help people live fuller lives.

Clare Gregory

Classical Homeopath

Homeopathy amazes me everyday in the treatment of many, many health conditions but especially with a Chronic disorder such as Arthritis in all it’s forms.

This multi-faceted disorder responds really well to the holistic approach of Homeopathy.

I embrace a multi layered approach to this complex condition, including organ support, miasmatic treatment and detox therapy, all of which bring balance and stability to a compromised system, whilst acknowledging the use of diet, nutrition and other therapies to assist relief.

I’m here using Homeopathy to help people feel better and to help them live their best lives.

Karen Runacres

Classical Homeopath

I became a Homeopath to make a difference and improve people’s lives. As I age and as I watch those around me including friends and parents succumb to various illness’ I decided I needed to look at ways I could support them.

Arthritis doesn’t just affect the older generations; it is a painful and debilitating condition. Getting arthritis seriously impacts on quality and enjoyment of life.

Diseases like arthritis need a multi factor approach which will be included within this group discussion. We will highlight the basic tenets of a healthy lifestyle, dietary advice, positive mindset and of course Homeopathic remedies. Through this combination we believe we can offer solutions that will enable you to lead a more comfortable life.

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