Homeopathy for Allergy Team

Maha Mansour

Medically-Trained Licensed Classical Homeopath

I am a registered homeopath in Ontario, Canada, and an internationally medical-trained pediatrician. My special interest is helping people with allergies in different age groups. In my practice as a pediatrician, I found that eczema and asthma are two major, common illnesses in children with long-term treatment including steroids which may affect their growth. So it was appealing for me to help those children and their families find a better, safe, and gentle alternative of healing using homeopathic remedies.

Glenis Paulette

Experienced Classical Homeopath

I am an experienced classical homeopath living in New Zealand. My husband and I are enjoying developing our lifestyle block to become more self-sufficient and are thankful that homeopathy has helped us stay healthy and active as we grow older. I have enjoyed practicing homeopathy for 41 years and in this time I have seen a big increase in allergies, so treating them has become a special interest of mine. I love helping people to be able to eat a complete range of foods and live a full productive life.

Nour Azem

Professional Homeopath

I am a registered homeopath in the UK, specialising in anxiety, sleep disorders, and headaches. However, I find allergies to be a particularly fascinating and fulfilling area to work in homoeopathically. Helping individuals with allergies is incredibly rewarding, as there are often limited options available to them. I find joy in empowering individuals to take control of their own health. Sharing my knowledge of homeopathy is my passion, providing an additional resource for their journey to optimal health.

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We are a team of experienced and passionate homeopaths working together to offer you education and learning around the use of homeopathic remedies to assist in healing from allergies. Our primary goal is to enhance awareness and understanding of homeopathy as a valuable and natural alternative for various allergies

What Our Clients Say

Quick, Easy, Cured

“My symptoms before treatment were fever, chills, extreme back pain, headache and painful lymph. After getting the first dose of the remedy my chills and back pain went away within 30 mins. By 24 hours I felt like a different person. By 48 hours I was 100% back to normal.”

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