Episode 11: Trusting Your Intuition with Ciara Corcoran

Episode Description

Meet Ciara Corcoran, she is a lovely homeopath from Ireland who talks about using your intuition as a homeopath. When you begin to trust your gut reaction, when you can listen to your sixth sense, you can recognise the occasions that you need to go deeper than the books and training and look inside yourself for the perfect remedy.

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What Our Listeners Say About the Podcast

Phenomenal, invaluable, Homeopathy 24/7podcasts are certainly worthwhile listening too.

Listening to these podcasts are an investment, in your natural health journey. I had my first experience with a remedy for a very troubling viral disease, the cure was almost instant, the second experience was in India, my Homeopath was Doctor from Germany, who became disillusioned with only allopathic medicine and studied Homeopathy, again within 1 minute time, my symptoms completely melted away. finding the right remedy ensured for me remarkable results. Highly recommend to give these podcasts a serious listen and explore it further.


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