Homeopathic Coaching Classes


Mama & Baby Homies

A four hour workshop (run over two Sundays) to help you gain the knowledge and confidence to prescribe for you and your baby, using safe, gentle and effective homeopathic remedies.

What our clients says

Marcus took the remedies yesterday as advised and slept well. Today he does not have a temperature and has much improved vitality. His appetite has also returned and he is very much better, excellent prescribing, thank you!


I would absolutely use this service again. I was most impressed. I was particularly impressed with the continued support and communication if needed. I really feel that is the essence of homeopathy – so that the individual action of a remedy is monitored appropriately. Local homeopaths in Ireland are not always available for this kind of appropriate monitoring of remedies and as a mother I find that incredibly frustrating

C. Martin


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