Homeopathic Coaching:
First Aid Class For Dog

Would you like to use a safe, natural medicine that doesn’t cost the earth?

Homeopathy is a natural medicine that can be used alongside mainstream medicine.

Homeopathy is also really useful to aid healing after surgery or medical procedures, and it can also help relieve stress when a veterinary visit is required.

Donna has put together a comprehensive online class to help you understand just how easy and satisfying it is to take control of your pet’s health.

By the end of this class, you will be able to prescribe homeopathy for your own dogs to improve their health and wellbeing in acute situations.

There are 4 topics covered in this group of classes – 1 each week. 

  1. First Aid in the Home
  2. Allergies and Nutrition
  3. Parasites
  4. Homeopathic Prophylaxis

Donna would love you to join this interactive webinar where you will be introduced to some basic information about homeopathy, and also covering :

  • Homeopathic remedies that can be used in first aid and acute situations
  • What to consider when choosing a remedy
  • How to choose and differentiate between remedies
  • How to collect the information you need to prescribe
  • How to choose the potency and dose
  • Lots of information on all the homeopathic remedies
  • There will be time for questions at the end of the session as well.

Donna has had animals in her life since she was a baby. So it made perfect sense for her to treat animals as well as humans when she became a Homeopath 20+ years ago.

Participants will be capped at 12 to allow time for everyone to ask questions.

Investment: $26AUD | $20USD | £14GBP

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