Our Homeopathic Practitioners

Qualifications and Experience

Homeopathy247.com has been formed to provide you with the best possible care at the time when you need it most.

Because we are working 24 hours a day, we are available when you need help in the middle of the night, when other resources are closed, or when you are unable to get out.

Our Homeopathic Practioners:

  • are classically trained, each having undergone a minimum of three years training
  • are certified by recognised training centres, and have clinical experience
  • engage in regular continuing professional development
  • prescribe using single doses at a time (exceptions may apply in emergency situations)
  • have a range of special interests in specific health topics, offering more experience in these fields

Please see OUR TEAM for more details.

When you have an acute (or short) homeopathic consultation with a homeopath, you will be advised as to how to contact the homeopath over the next few days following you consultation. (This is usually by email.)

The homeopathic practitioner will advise you if further consultations will be needed and how to book those if you wish to continue treatment.

Our homeopathic practitioners abide by the practising laws of the country in which they reside.  They practise by the standard code of ethics written for licensed homeopaths.

If you wish to make direct contact with a particular member of the team you can do that.  You can book straight into their calendar at a convenient time for both of you by clicking the link from our website.

You might want to do this if you are more comfortable speaking in a different language or if you can see that a homeopath has a lot of experience in a specific area.

Acute and Chronic

Our team of professional homeopaths can help you with both acute and chronic health issues.

When you get stuck, speak with a homeopath!

What our clients say

I was so impressed with Stephanie, she was available when I needed a consult, she took her time and really thought about my symptoms and worked to find the best match for me. I had immediate relief; and my symptoms were almost completely resolved after a few doses of the remedies. I liked the emailed prescription so I could refer back to it when needed. Wonderful service, I will definitely be using Homeopathy 247 in the future for anything that arises.
“My 3 year old and 6 month old both came down with rsv. Having been the medical route prior to this and finding ourselves stuck in the antibiotic cycle with my 3 year old contracting his 2nd ear infection that month, I was desperate for something different. A friend recommended homeopathy247 and I’m so glad! Having the homeopaths available in the middle of the sleepless night when both my boys were so uncomfortable, their caring and calm demeanor to this frazzled mama, the effectiveness of their prescription, and their follow up care will definitely make me return again! Thank you so much for the care you gave!”

Our team of professional homeopaths are available for homeopathic treatment now.