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Eczema ... Not just a Skin Problem

Pailin explains how her 3 month old daughter with eczema was so severe she was dressed in a full double-body, skin-tight bandage like a severe burns victim or perhaps more accurately as though she had suffered from radiation burn.

Back to school anxiety

For most children going back to school after the long school holidays is a time of excitement. A time to reconnect with their friends and teachers and begin learning again.

But unfortunately for others it can be a time of anxiety and dread; especially if it’s their first ever day of school or if they are having trouble with their peers.


Homeopathy tells us never to suppress a fever as it is the body’s intelligent attempt at a ‘spring clean’ or ‘reboot’ for the immune system. Find out about the homeopathic thinking behind this theory. Did you know that letting a fever run its course can also reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer in later life.


Recurring tonsillitis can ruin your life; very often sufferers get a bout of it nearly every other month or so and it can go on for years. It’s certainly debilitating but the right homeopathic remedy can literally knock in on the head for good.


How little baby Lee went from eczema covering his whole body to soft healthy skin in just a few doses of the right homeopathic remedy.

Acne, painful periods, breast lumps. Detoxing from the Contraceptive Pill

Many young women use the Contraceptive Pill as a convenient form of birth control but for some, continued use can lead to hormonal disturbances later in life. Read here about one woman’s journey to detox and rebalance using homeopathy.


With more and more people suffering in so many ways from allergies, we need to know more about how homeopathy can help relieve symptoms and build immunity so that you are less susceptible to the environmental toxins in the world around you.

My Journey with Pain

I had no idea how exhausting pain was until I woke up one morning and could not move.  To even lift my arm was excruciating!  If you are in pain I can help.  I understand what it feels like.  It was a long journey for me to get back to a pain free life.   This is how I managed it:

Food intolerance/sensitivities

When Jane told me all the foods that made her feel ill, it read like a full week’s supermarket shopping list. I’m scared to eat,” she lamented, “going out to dinner is a nightmare.” After just a few homeopathic remedies she was a whole new woman. Read her story here.


Having trouble with constipation? There’s nothing worse than that uncomfortable feeling down below. Not to mention the fact any toxins that were to be excreted are filtering back into your body the longer it sits there. Homeopathy can help save the day though!

Violent Cramping

An interesting case of violent cramping cured by homeopathy written by Peter Matu and published in a prominent International Homeopathic Journal Interhomeopathy.


Months of trying different drugs like Midodrine and other drugs from her doctors hadn’t helped Mandy POTS at all. All of them made her feel even worse – both agitated and sick, with the POTS symptoms only slightly improved. Mandy made the decision to stop the meds altogether and try to find natural alternatives and came across homeopathy. This is her uplifting story.”

Fear and Kidney Connection

An emotional imbalance can result in the associated organ being imbalanced. Kidney symptoms might include frequent urination, vertigo, night sweats, dry mouth, short term memory problems, lower back pain, sore or weak knees, ringing in the ears, & more

Homeopathy & Panic Attacks

Homeopathic remedies are a fantastic option for anxiety related disorders, the natural treatment doesn’t suppress the symptoms, it gently removes the dis-ease safely and effectively, without any of the side effects of modern medicine.

What Antidotes Homeopathy

We’ve all heard that coffee can antidote homeopathy, but did you know it’s not the only culprit? Here’s a comprehensive list of other things to look out for when you’re receiving homeopathic treatment.

Stomach/digestion issues (Gatroparesis)

It may be that your problem isn’t an intolerance to certain foods but a disruption to your entire digestive system called Gastroparesis, a little heard of but quite common condition that is also known as ‘Delayed Gastric Emptying’. Find out what homeopathic remedies can help you during a flare.


One woman talks about her allergies to unsalted nuts, dog & cat hair and dust that were controlling her life until she found homeopathy

Quinsy (severe tonsillitis)

When tonsillitis gets bad, it can get very bad and turn into quinsy. A homeopath can help you find the right remedy to swiftly stop it in its tracks.

Anxiety and Fear

Anxiety during these uncertain times is crippling and debilitatinAn unseen force that leads us down a rabbithole of fear!

Acute and Chronic Symptoms

Find out more about your symptoms and which type of consultation you need right now.

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