Does Hayfever Wreck your summer?

Allergic rhinitis is the cause of seasonal misery for millions of people all over the world. It most commonly takes the form of hayfever, a reaction to pollen, in the spring/ summer, a reaction to hatching dust mites in the spring or autumn or a sensitivity to airborne allergens like pet hair which can occur at any time.

SYMPTOMS may include irritated, itchy, blood shot , watering eyes, maybe with a sensation of grittiness. Rubbing eyes may bring temporary relief but can result in swelling and puffiness.

Nasal discharge; dry itchy throat, wheezing.

time to try homeopathy

Homeopathy is:

  • Safe for all of the family
  • Doesn’t have side effects
  • Works with the body not against it
  • Is individuallly prescribed on the way YOU experience the symptoms
  • Is cost effective holistic medicine
  • Is not tested on animals
  • Helps improve your immunity 
  • Is medicine you don’t have to keep taking because it changes the way your body responds.

“Tortured with Itch”

Before meeting Eileen our little boy was tortured with itch which manifested itself through cracked, broken and bleeding skin on his joints and hands as well as constant itch in his eyes which was causing him much distress.

He was in terrible form and we could see the frustration and suffering that he was enduring but it was hard to cope with his mood swings and aggression towards us even when we were trying to help him.

Now he has no issues with itchy eyes and his beautiful blue eyes are shining instead of sunken into his little face. His skin on his body has improved greatly and we are very hopeful that by the time his treatment concludes he will be free from eczema.

Most importantly though he is so much happier than he was. The moods and aggression are gone and he is loving life, laughing and generally enjoying the benefits of his improved health.

Thank you Eileen for this gift”.


Lasting Results

“After almost 30 years of struggling with massive hay fever problems, and taking lots of antihistamines that never seemed to do the job, I tried a different path. I came to Philippa to test a different approach.

It didn’t take very long before it was much better. Now, 5 years have passed since our first appointment and even though I have hardly any problems with allergies any more, if I feel the first symptoms coming, that I’ve known for so many years, I take one remedy and the symptoms vanish.

It’s good to know that after so many years, the remedy selected by Philippa still does the job.”

And still … another 5 years on … still getting no allergic symptoms!

When you get stuck, speak with a homeopath!

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