Hit It Hard With Homeopathy

Catching the First Symptoms

Our homeopaths have already been looking after quite a few clients with flu symptoms. Because we are a close knit team, it is easy for us to compare notes and find out what symptoms keep recurring and what remedies seem to be required most.

But what is really interesting is that we are finding that if we begin treatment the minute you notice a sore throat coming on, then people are not progressing to the second stage of the disease.

We are using arsenicum a lot, we are using bryonia a lot, and also gelsemium. You need to be careful though, because bryonia has a tendency to stop the arsenicum working, so you need to be sure you are prescribing in the right order.

Our advice remains the same:

  1. Order a remedy kit so that you have the right remedies in the right potencies ready just in case.
  2. The minute you start to feel a sore throat coming on, get in touch with your homeopath or come and speak to our homeopaths here at Homeopathy247.
  3. Take the remedies as advised, but as you start to feel better, you mustn’t get up and start working again.   Your immune system is still compromised and needs you to rest for another week.  Many people are getting up because they feel better, and then they just go down hill again fast!  Only worse than before.  So when you feel better … rest up for another week.

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