Why it is so difficult to find the right remedy for a cough?

There are many different causes that result in a cough. With natural remedies like homeopathy it is important to find the remedy that suit your symptoms. A cough is one of the most difficult first aid symptoms to find the right remedy yourself.
In Murphy’s Meta Repertory there are over 30 pages of different ways to experience your cough and over 200 remedies listed.   Now you can see why you will have such trouble finding the right remedy for your cough.  There are so many aspects of your coughing to consider.
Your symptoms will differ from other people, that is – the way you cough, when you cough, how you cough, whether you feel a tickle in the throat, a pain in the chest or a pain in your back – it is these symptoms that define the remedy which will be most help to you.  
Your symptoms might be part of a larger picture, you might have a sore throat or blocked sinuses. You might have ear ache or a runny nose. All of these symptoms are taken into account when finding the best remedy for you right now.

Acute or Chronic

An acute cough is when you have symptoms that have been with you for less than 2 weeks. The symptom may be just one of a few you have from reacting to a virus that is going around.

If you have a long standing, chronic cough or a recurring cough, it might be advisable to seek the advice of a qualified homeopath who can look at addressing the cause of the cough. You might find that your cough recurs every year, that it comes on at certain times of the year or when you are particularly susceptible to infection due to other stress factors. 

Maintaining causes

Your cough might be caused by an environmental reaction to spores in the air such as mould, pollen or a damp atmosphere. You might also be having a reaction to a medicine you are taking. We might need to investigate many different areas of your lifestyle in order to find the cause of your reaction, still, homeopathy may be able to help your body learn to react in a different way.

After a remedy

The remedy is going to stimulate your body to react in a different way. If you are running through a virus then you will run through to the next symptom quickly. So when change occurs you will need to stop the remedy and consider whether a new remedy is needed. If your body is coping well and going through the stages of healing you might not need another remedy as your body is already doing everything it needs to do to self heal.

When you get stuck, speak with a homeopath!

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