Homeopathy Empowers Us

Homeopathy Empowers Us


Homeopathy is empowerment

‘What I like about homeopathy is that it gives me tools I can use to first try and help myself and my family. It often happens that a problem is resolved with a remedy and then avoids having to see a doctor or take medications. This makes me feel empowered and independent. I like to know that I can help myself and my loved ones as there is not always immediate help available.’ Esther Ritmeester

Homeopathy Gives You the Tools to Reconnect

‘Many of us have lost the ability to listen to or lost faith in, the wisdom of our bodies and their ability to heal themselves. Homeopathy gives you the tools to reconnect with that wisdom and take back responsibility for your own health and that of your family.’ Susan Terry

Homeopathy is a Fountain of Youth

‘Homeopathy gives me great hope. Fact is, we are all on a path toward ageing and the appearance of more and more health issues we have inherited predispositions to. Homeopathy is my fountain of youth! You seriously see people look younger as they work on raising their health and turning back the sands of time. Conventional medications may relieve systems but usually send you further and deeper down that predispositions path, to deeper and deeper problems. You can undo that damage most times with homeopathy. So homeopathy is ‘hope’ to me.’ Sally Lloyd

Homeopathy is So Easy

“As a child, I was highly averse to popping any pills, and I would right away puke after taking the smallest pill. But with Homeopathy, I never had to take any of those pills ever again in my life and it’s been a great 25 yrs! Then came my kids, and boy, are they aliens to any pills now, other than the sweet little globules. Never took any antibiotics/ pain killers in my life and the same is true for both of my kids, until now, fingers crossed! My family paediatrician (also a close relative) hates me, as I have never approached him for any condition relating to my kids, it’s just that, I never needed to. So, Homeopathy has been my go-to, for any & all medical conditions for my family and now my patients as well.” Dr. V Khurana

Homeopathy Taught Me How to Tune Into My Body

‘Working with Eileen has transformed about what I think about homeopathy. It’s so natural and aims to restore the balance in our bodies. I now reach for homeopathic remedies instead of conventional medicine, I’m much more in tune with my body (and what’s going on for the kids too) and I feel empowered to make decisions about which remedy would suit which ailment. I can’t remember the last time I reached for the Calpol for the kids!!

Client of Eileen Conneely

Homeopathy Gives Total Transformation

“What an amazing transformation in my health and that of my two children. I never wanted to give my babies adult medicine for reflux, but it was the only option I could find at the time that stopped them screaming in pain. At age 5yrs and 3yrs they were still bothered by reflux; after my son had a biopsy that showed he still had inflammation (the whole process was so stressful)and the only option the hospital gave me was for him to go back on the medicine, I decided to give homeopathy a go.

I just wish I’d found Eileen sooner! While treating my children for silent reflux, Eileen’s insight into their systems has also helped them to get rid of verrucas, nail biting (skin was bleeding!), fear of dogs, anger, screaming while getting hair washed. Now, they are both much happier and definitely more balanced. It’s so lovely to see and so much calmer in our home.’ Client of Eileen Conneely

Homeopathy Changed My Life

‘Almost thirty years ago, I had RSI and carpal tunnel diagnosis and had to give up my work as an interior designer’s seamstress. I felt quite powerless and pathetic.

Homeopathy and the amazing listening skills and prescribing skills of a great homeopath who really helped me out of a complex and painful situation. Homeopathy became my go to as I began to learn more. I started helping other people find remedies for their first aid symptoms with my ice cream box full of remedies. I then began my training as a homeopath.’  Fiona Dilston

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