Happy Birthday Homeopathy247

It is our birthday this month!

We have achieved so much in our first year that we would like to celebrate with you.

Our team of homeopaths are happy to give you 20% off your first full consultation.  So if you have been waiting to work with a homeopath this is a great time to begin.

This offer is subject to availability so please go through to list of participating homeopaths below and contact the homeopath you want to work with. If you already have a homeopath then please do share this offer with your friends and help us to help more people around the world.

List of the participating homeopaths:

  1. Amal Mamoun
  2. Lucie Wrench
  3. Dr. Varsha M Khurana
  4. Stephanie Thullen
  5. Angeliki Kalliontzi
  6. Helen Tye Talkin
  7. Moitza Kobi
  8. Susan Terry
  9. Deirdre McDermott
  10. Lesley Jeffreys
  11. Glythyn Sprengel
  12. Diane Willcock
  13. Kirsty Richards
  14. Sonia Cousillas
  15. Monica Frohmann Auberger
  16. Tina Horrell
  17. Gitanjali Goel
  18. Canteris Anne Hartley
  19. AnnaMaree Downing
  20. Georgina Wolf
  21. Melissa Foreman
  22. Mary Harper
  23. Donna Sadzius
  24. Sarah Scott
  25. Lyssa Clayton
  26. Anjum Rahmatulla
  27. Sharon Ralston

Look at what we have achieved in 1 year!

  1. We have a team of 53 homeopaths around the world
  2. We have taken over 600 acute consultations
  3. Between us, we are helping 1000’s clients with ongoing consultations to improve their ongoing health
  4. We have set up over 20 FaceBook groups to help you learn more about homeopathy
  5. We have over 20,000 members in our groups
  6. We have 6 free e-books to help you learn about homeopathy at home
  7. We have a very successful app called Homeopathy at home which is available on the app store and on google play
  8. We have our own homeopathic kits to help you make sure you always have the right remedy on hand
  9. We have created a free membership area for you to read all of the specialist information our homeopaths have written
  10. We have set up over 12 homeopathic studies so that our homeopaths can continue to learn more about specialist subjects in order to help more people.

Plans for Our 2nd Year

We are so pleased with how popular Homeopathy 247 is with people around the world wanting to learn more about homeopathy we have lots of plans we would like to achieve for our next year.

  1. We would like to continue to build our team of homeopaths so that we can help you wherever you are.
  2. We would like to increase the number of languages that we can offer consultations in.
  3. We would like to continue growing our information library so that you know where to come when you need homeopathic support
  4. We would like to create new courses to help people learn more about self prescribing and homeopathy in general for their families and their animals too.
  5. We would like to help more people experience the wonder of homeopathy
  6. We would like to help more people improve their health and build their resilience to infection.

We would very much like to hear from you about what would be useful to you to help you improve your health.

Click on the red chat bot (bottom-right corner) to connect with a homeopath now.

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