The Consultation

Quick Consult

(15 minutes)

£40   |   $52   |   €47

Quick consults are for acute conditions. Acute symptoms are ones which are new (or less than a month old).

They are suitable for children and adults and take up to 15 mins with the homeopath.

The homeopath will find a remedy most suited for the symptoms you or your family member are expressing right now.  You will then be able to purchase the remedy from your nearest available store or supplier.

The homeopath will direct how and when to take the remedies.  You will then decide with the homeopath how to connect should you need further consultation advice.

Full Consult

(75 minutes)

£130   |   $180   |   €150

You will need a full consultation for symptoms that are recurring or that you have experienced for longer than a month.

You can book a full consultation if you are not currently working with a homeopath of your own.

A full consultation will allow the homeopath to take a more detailed health history to help find a holistic remedy to improve your overall health.

You will then book follow-up consults directly You will then book follow-up consults directly with the homeopath to continue treatment with the goal of finding remedies that continue to improve your overall health.

Click on the red chat bot (bottom-right corner) to connect with a homeopath now.


The homeopath will provide you with a prescription for your homeopathic remedy. 

A prescription will include remedy details, potency advice and dosage. In acute situations, the homeopath will advise which remedy to use according to the remedies you already have and your access to local suppliers of remedies.

For chronic prescribing the homeopath will provide details of a homeopathic pharmacy or distributor in your country.  For first aid prescriptions, if you haven’t got the remedy you need, we will try to suggest alternative remedies from what you have at home already or what you can buy locally.

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