Animals and Homeopathy

Coaching for Animal Owners

Some of our homeopathic team are experienced in helping animal owners learn more about using homeopathy with their dogs, cats, horses and farm animals.

We can offer:

Individual coaching sessions:

£35/15 mins
£75 /45 mins

These are when we guide you through specific symptoms for your pet (or farm animal) and advice on a list of remedies that will be useful for you to have in your pet first aid kit, and more specific remedies for specific ailments.

Group Coaching Sessions:
Max 8 in a group
£15 for 90 minutes

Homeopathy for Cats
Homeopathy for Dogs
Homeopathy for Horses

Here you will run through the remedies most useful for you to keep in stock for your animals.

The course will include:

  1. How to prescribe
  2. Remedy profiles
  3. Symptom & remedy guides

(See the Calendar below for times and details)

The homeopaths who are able to offer either individual or group coaching are listed below.  You can click through to their details and contact them directly:

Mary Greensmith
Elsbeth North
Peter Matu
Siriya Soloman
Amal Mediouni
Sally LLoyd
Theresa Hughes
Magda Wright
Dr. Varsha Khurana
Donna Sadzius
Georgina Wolf
Sapna Chima
Susan Terry
Debbie Gilligan
Catrin Merlett
Eileen Conneely

Please see our comprehensive online course
Homeopathy for Dog Owners 

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