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What our clients say

I was so impressed with Stephanie, she was available when I needed a consult, she took her time and really thought about my symptoms and worked to find the best match for me. I had immediate relief; and my symptoms were almost completely resolved after a few doses of the remedies. I liked the emailed prescription so I could refer back to it when needed. Wonderful service, I will definitely be using Homeopathy 247 in the future for anything that arises.

“I reached out to Homeopathy 24/7 because my five-yr-old son had a cough that had been hanging on for two weeks. The homeopath on duty booked a video consultation immediately, sent a remedy and dosing recommendation shortly thereafter, and my son’s cough was resolved within three days.

If I had to sum up my experience using Homeopathy 24/7, I would say it was reassuring, comforting, and caring, and I would recommend this service to my friends.”

Christine G.


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