Social Separation & Anxiety

What is separation anxiety?

Normally, separation anxiety is a disorder in which a child becomes excessively anxious when separated from parents. Children are especially prone to separation anxiety during times of stress. But now, we have people separated from each other, all over the world. This is bringing about huge amounts of anxiety, stress and panic. A whole new concept of separation anxiety is born!

I personally think some of the worst aspects right now are not being able to visit your elderly parents, or your newborn grandchildren, or attend funerals to say your final farewell and pay your respects. On top of that there’s the isolation issue from your friends, your work colleagues, your normal lifestyle, and of course from the recreational and sporting activities that you love to do.

What appears to be happening now after some time in isolation, is that the loneliness is creeping in. The reality that your income has disappeared and you have an uncertain future. Your connection with all those who were in your life regularly had disappeared. You are facing a completely different world that you had just a few short months ago … normal and routine.

This drastic lifestyle change can bring along with it emotions such as grief, anxiety, depression and even anger. What can be done to stop the emotions getting out of control? 

Homeopathy has helped people throughout the years with emotional distress, to make life less overwhelming and more manageable. When huge changes occur, we often feel displaced, unsure and unsettled.  Homeopathy can help us feel more grounded and allow us to take stock of the changes and enable us to cope much better with the new rules and unfamiliar restrictions.

Whenever we are forced into new surroundings outside of our familiar habits, insecurity often leads us into a new emotional and often miserable state. We can suffer homesickness even if we are at home, we can suffer grief from having lost our routine and schedule, we can suffer anxiety over changes that we have no control over.

I have been really encouraged by the number of clients that I have been working with over the last few months, before this new state of global emergency. I was concerned they would be worried sick, or that all of their old fears would have resurfaced. But to my pleasant surprise, they are continuing to do very well. A few months previously, they would have been on constant high alert when anything out of the ordinary occurred. They are presently coping with all of these changes and restrictions remarkably well.

Of course, that is how homeopathy works. It helps change your whole reaction to circumstances. It helps you feel more in control of your life, so that you are less reactive to life challenges around you. Emotions are more manageable, and life is less overwhelming. You feel capable to cope with anything that comes your way!

The homeopathic medicines you have been taking as part of your care plan are helping you now in your current situation. Homeopathy is not just a short-term fix, it is a long-term change to help you emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Below you will find two case studies of separation anxiety of homeopath, Sally Lloyd.

Separation Anxiety Leading to School Phobia

Robert was lucky enough to be accepted to board at a school in the UK where he could be a chorister. He came in to talk about his miserable homesickness. It was causing school phobia and separation anxiety, although he really wanted to be at school. At the end of the consultation, he was asked about his voice. Although he was a chorister (choir boy) his voice was deep and strangled.

Surely it wasn’t normally like that? He and his mum suddenly realised that his voice changed just before returning to school. Combining his symptoms of a constriction or lump in throat), with the grief he felt about leaving his mum and about his grandfather’s death some years before, he was given a single dose of Ignatia 10M and extra to take home.

Robert returned to school without feeling tearful and managed really well. He’s had one repeat of his remedy after a relapse, but otherwise has been fine. A year on from his consultation, he has been able to continue with the singing he loves.

Ignatia is a remedy for ‘silent’ grief, when the person is unable to cry. Though you may see more crying and separation anxiety in Ignatia children, than you would in adults. 

Separation Anxiety with Fear of Death

Sophie was aged 6 at the time of her first consultation. She was suffering from germ phobia and severe school anxiety, along with autistic traits. Twice that year she was affected by mental breakdowns. At the time she said, “I don’t know how I’m still alive when I feel like this.” 

Sophie was unable to attend school and had extreme anxiety and insomnia, with very dark days.

When Sophie’s case was taken, it closely resembled two other recent cases of anxiety, also for 6-year-old girls. The remedy they had was Arsenicum, and they had both made rapid recoveries. 

When Sophie had her follow-up, she had also made a remarkable recovery. She was happy in school, engaging in imaginative play for the first time, and feeling safe at bedtime. 

If you find you are not coping right now, please reach out for help. Our homeopaths are experienced in dealing with emotional issues. They can chat with you and help you get back on track to feel more in balance.

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