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Jagoda Salewska

Licensed Homeopath

A licensed homeopath based in Bali. I support patients in the transformational process to regain their balanced health. I have a special interest in treating different types of infections, allergies, eczema and teeth problems.

Anelia Doncheva

Classically Trained Homeopath

A classically trained homeopathic vet based in Essex in the UK with special interest in helping animals both big and small. I feel privileged to have found homeopathy to work alongside mainstream medicine. Now have solutions which address the cause of ill health and therefore can really help animals return to health.

Ekta Kaur Ross

Licensed Homeopath

A UK licensed homeopath with 20+ years of experience in treating a broad range of mental, emotional, and physical health issues for every member of the family.

Mary Greensmith

Licensed Classical Homeopath

A licensed classical homeopath is living on a little island called Alderney. I love helping people learn how to look after their animals using homeopathy and natural remedies. Having had a small holding in the past and then living on a boat for a few years, homeopathy has allowed me be more independent with maintaining health for my family as well as my animals.

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What Our Clients Say

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“My symptoms before treatment were fever, chills, extreme back pain, headache and painful lymph. After getting the first dose of the remedy my chills and back pain went away within 30 mins. By 24 hours I felt like a different person. By 48 hours I was 100% back to normal.”

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